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Jivelle Callender


Baltimore, MD, US

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When I See You


Jivelle Callender

Every time I see you,
my eyes are in heaven,
my heart flutters,
my mind wanders.

Every time I kiss you,
my mind wanders,
words have no senser,
no meaning.

My body floats,
through a sea of clouds,
a world that only a few read,
a world of extreme happiness.



Jivelle Callender

Really, so sure
the lies you told were so pure
aneastetics force a cure
discretion, but lure
darkness not touched
redemption by a definition
of truth and shadows
and light despise
reprise, demise
defiles, gun smiles
it smokes, it fumes
resume to order
and filth repetition
and fallout of places
where other people
like to be but never
come around to smile
but happiness wasn't
given in a cup of
spoons, where the everloved
knife had a fist in
the meal