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Jack D. Calatayud


Atlanta, GA, US

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Jack D. Calatayud

Time---- to go, back---- home again_
Poetry-- calling me, to my own--- end_
I will follow-- itís my only way to pretend, to be,
Something other than, empty and ordinary,
And without a freind, wishing to feel,
Anything once again_



Jack D. Calatayud

Everyday more broken dreams, silence seems, to never end_
Without the screams, alone it seems, without a friend_
Misunderstood, if senses could, explain this feeling
Perhaps you would, if you should, see that I am bleeding_
For a taste, a different place, just a minute to embrace_
Something new, someone who, could feel the same way too_
Pains, haunts, and scars taunt, and bind me through,
This feeling so blue_