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Laura Caiazza


Rochester, NY, US

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Laura Caiazza

A million times I needed you
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you would have never died.

It broke my heart to loose you
but you didn't go alone
part of me went with you
the day God took you home.

Your resting place I visit
and place flowers full of care
but no one knows the heartache
when I turn and leave you there.

Leave With Me In Your Heart


Laura Caiazza

We've tried so many times to get together
now that we have
I hope that we'll always remember.

I don't understand how it could take so long
for us to know where our friendship should belong.

Through all the hugs that we have shared
I never knew how much you cared.

Knowing that you're about to leave me,
I'm beginning to see that way it should be.

Now that we actually have a chance
it's going to end as quick as a glance.

Neither of us can clearly see
these feelings inside
between you and me.

I don't wish for these days to end
but I can't forget the way it has been.

We have to go our seperate ways
and to be able to see you again
I can only count the days.

These past few weeks have been the greatest
I'll never forget what has happened between us.

Never forget me when we're apart
and please,please leave
leave with me in your heart!