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I look too deep; try too hard; want too much
for my own good.
The further out I reach, it seems,
the further up my dreams fly.
Be they love, or achievement, or ownership,
I look, I try, I want, I watch as they walk away.
Not a backwards glance, not a care.
Why canít I be like that?
Happy and carefree,
those must also be my dreams?
And they all fly away on wings of aspiration,
stolen from my heart.
All alone, I watch Miss Perfect reach out her hand
Smiling, as my dreams fold their gossamer wings and land for her.
Not a worried look, not a fear.
Why am I not like her?
A never-ending cycle, I watch them all leave me
and I pick myself up-have I fallen?-
Begin again to look for what I need,
all the while knowing that I am
looking too deep, trying too hard, wanting too much
to reach my dreams.