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Sean Cafferky


Houston, TX, US

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Titanic, Jr.


Sean Cafferky

i am lost
adrift at sea
without you

the captain
needs a boat
to sail

and with my yacht
no longer underfoot
i anticipate a freefall
to the ocean floor below;
a murky place
filled with frosted hearts
reckless desire,
and simple ambition

becomes the casket
i rest in

botanical gardens


Sean Cafferky

role model photosynthesis
my only function
to fuel growth
of supposed evergreens

nature's cycle looms
sudden color change
she drops me

even in decay
i purposefully act
to fuel growth
from the underground

new seedling triumphs
propelled by the
same magic roots

i flourish, enraptured
with precious Her,
redeeming my motto:
always be leaf

Lady of the Manor


Sean Cafferky

you may be
all i ever wanted
to belong to.

your eyes shine
as the moon at night,
lighting my castleheart,
sitting quiet and alone
on the hilltop above
the outstretched meadows
and whispering rivers
that are my love

let me look,
let me feel,
let me taste

your fingers glide
as the traces of dawn,
caressing my skinfence,
waiting quiet and alert
on the boundries around
the brazened fields
and blushing gardens
that are my love

i have nothing else
only promises to speak
and unwords to show

i can't give you more
than this manor of mine

Prismatic Spray


Sean Cafferky

Where lies the Well of Souls?
In the corner of our eyes.

And when we're dying inside,
they send forth a prismatic spray
to begin the



tol ie sh att ere d ont he gro u nd

Midnight Tourist


Sean Cafferky

You may have
been here afterall
on a one-way ticket
traveling in my dreams
crossing over borders
to stand by my side
or so it seems

You come here
as a midnight tourist
spending precious time
and having too much fun
until you're stolen from me
by the fingers of
the wicked morning sun

Tomorrow you may return
or maybe tonight
I can reach out, touch you
before the light takes you away
Perhaps the time will come
when we'll be together
even in the day

Dear Santa


Sean Cafferky

All I want for Christmas is to
rediscover my best friend,
but she is always running away
from herself
while pretending to run from

All I want for Christmas is to
find that love, again
but I won't stay up for you,
Santa, and
I'll expect to be given



Sean Cafferky

our inheritance:
desultory constructs of ist-isms
addiction to the epigamic lifestyle

They label us "X"
since They do not yet see
the trouble we bring

we crest a tidal wave,
the coming Age of Dionysus,
poised above the Western beach below

intellectual -- take refuge in your grotto
build your Noah's Ark
to ride out the storm rising

but it may be too late,
for me...
on dry land, dripping wet

Colorfast Washables


Sean Cafferky

Wet me.
Dry me.
I'm here.

Burn me.
Bleed me.
No fear.

The mousetrap had been recognized
too late
I've sucked myself into the
an emotional vacuum of me and
of you

you are the Crown Jewel
Motherlode, I'm only the casing
no matter; Diamonds are forever.

Spill me.
Drain me.
My career.

But love me--no deposit, no return



Sean Cafferky

i look around
and can almost hear
Her treasured voice
with its youthful excitement
and its graceful tenderness

i'm missing...

yet this silence
crashes down upon me
as i lay here
surveying my situation
and realizing i am all alone

i'm missing...

but that dream
can keep me going
pursuing my vision
when i will find my Love
and sleep at Her side

i'm missing...

where is She?
i've never seen Her
everyday i pray
that i might just be allowed
to hold Her hand but once

i'm missing...You

calendar of me


Sean Cafferky

these past few months
have made my only summer,
as such

the air was too thick to breathe
and the heat pressed me to ponder,
was it
sweat which came from my eyes

all white and fragile, i wonder if
You are the snowflake, my Snowflake,
come to
usher in a change of season
and help me to Fall in love

please stay here with me,
i'll show You this calendar
of me
and You won't ever melt away

so bring on Winter, little Snowflake,
and in exchange i'll take You to
our Spring

you don't


Sean Cafferky

after memories of you
play in my mind,
i see that look
i'd hoped not to find

i apologize for loving you
i know you don't want me to

looking into my head
as you read my silly rhyme
your face says "just friends"
and condemns my crime

i apologize for loving you
i know you don't want me to

each time we meet
your words are only kind
but romantic fantasies
help keep me so blind

and i apologize for loving you
i know you don't want me to
but i do

found You


Sean Cafferky

standing on the edge
with Your hair dancing
in the gentle breeze,
You stop and stare
into this supernova
which is my love for You

holding hands on a dock
with the surrounding scenes
pausing just for us,
sharing an eternal moment
of peace and tranquility
of excitement and surprise
of love and pride

You glide with grace
and smile deep inside
perched with poise
on my burning arm,
while i drink all i can
offering twice in return
and this sunset never ends



Sean Cafferky

Awash in smog,
over-run by devils,
and dipped in so much mud;
nothing seems clean.

I feel relegated to dirt
(wandering amongst the weeds)
until I notice you and
I wonder...

Held in trust,
carried by passion,
and alive with such as love;
anything may be.

I feel unknown by angels
(flying above my reach)
until I notice you and
I wonder...

My Bleeding Finger


Sean Cafferky

I cast my focus upwards
towards the expanse of red petals
it's dark down here -- out of reach
and amongst the thorns

Once more I reach out
to grasp the fragile rose
the darkness blinds my soul, my heart
is full of sorrow -- stung by rose thorns

I am living for the day
when my golden rewards will come
I am living for the day
when the beacon shines some
I am living out the day
when the roses will succumb

In my dreams, reality strikes
the thorns grow evermore
I find I cannot move
lest I pierce my body

I long to thrust myself
entirely upon the bloodied blade
when she comes to swoop me up
she takes me in her hand, the golden cup

Slicing Onions


Sean Cafferky

I just stood there
slicing onions
as you walked away
leaving me alone
at the crossroads

Although I don't see you
I sometimes hear your voice
and wonder
if you really exist

As you walked away
into the darkness
you told me
to keep walking my own way

I didn't
for such a long time
I just stood alone
in the darkness
as your demon-memory
bade me slice more onions

I could hear you
out of reach
but not out of range
Yet you wouldn't
let me find you
in the darkness

Once I decided
to put down my onions
and to start walking
my own way,
I called out "goodbye"

A very small voice
asked from the darkness,
"where are you going"
and "why"

You are so painful
and I don't know if you're real
I've made a decision
but that isn't how I feel

Although I am leaving
I sometimes go extra slow
and wonder
if you really exist

You're back
at the crossroads
and I'm up ahead
barely still in sight

I hope you make your decision
before I round the bend
this could be a new beginning
or the definitive end

And my love keeps me
slicing onions...

i can't tell you


Sean Cafferky

i often feel like
falling down or

but when i'm on
that magic carpet
with You


i've lost my wings
forgotten how
to fly

but when i'm by
the warmth of
that smile


i never understand
the finer side
of life

but when i see
mystic light in
Your eyes


does it hurt?


Sean Cafferky

when she kills your dream -- does it hurt?

breathing: it's the hardest thing to do
when your love is amputated from you

the operation begins
when you first turn your back
Trust straps you to the stretcher
the cutting fears
once you have opened your eyes
Lust unbridled makes the round incision

drowning: it's an easy thing to do
when your love bleeds all over you

hands reach in
and pull it out
put it in your face
and laugh as you pass out
when it's done
and you pay the bill
stumble back on track
and hear the laughing still

crying: it's what you continue to do
when your love falls down without you

the cleaning begins
when you get up off your back
Reality takes firm grip in your mind
the hardening starts
once you have dried your eyes
Finality infects your thoughts now

leaving: seems the only thing to do
when your love twitches, dying beside you

when she's in your Memory -- does it hurt?



Sean Cafferky

The imposter
is the clock
racing us two
spinning around
to add confusion
with whirling hands

The sandstorm
blows right over
my hand which
holds yours
above the confusion
of whirling sands

the hourglass loses its sands
the clock breaks its hands
and we bob to the surface of the deluge



Sean Cafferky

tithe paid
way made
I, the thrall
she, a dapper
path laid
by escapade

reality arrives
I mold
fair weather
for her,
the aureole
of us

she, the poseur
I, the exposed
travel passively into
ritualistic nirvana

Whitewater rafting


Sean Cafferky

How do you say goodbye to forever?
Trampling on the memories,
crushing each one underfoot.
Perhaps the crimson shooting stars
of autumn are from the Tree of Life.
We take turns in a somber dance,
breaking up the fallen memory of one another.

How do you?
I don't.
Simply close my eyes
to dam up the coming
of whitewater rafting.

Sometimes I sink in
the torential outburst.
Flailing, kicking, screaming.

Of the shoreline.



Sean Cafferky

like Christ i stood
smiling while you
drove the nails in
without even crying

the three days until
i rise take too long

like Christ i'll stand
my hand outstretched
and again you'll
rebuff my promise

when i'm in the sky
you'll finally know

(your eyes will open
but all i can give
is my abandoned love
for you on the cross)

Mental Jammin'


Sean Cafferky

I cowered when the illumination struck
and waged war on my temptation to stare
at the mirage
of a little girl
encased in the physique of a woman

I cried out for you to stop
the woman turned about
the little girl
she did not
rather she began to skip around
the back of your eyes

And then I'm next to her
just for an enduring instant
until I fall into the
coldness laying beyond the pupil

Little girl jumped in behind me,
you thought it was all a game

The image died together
when our focus went adrift
into the miracle of reality

Liar's Den


Sean Cafferky

My Promises strained
cracked and shattered
the day i fell from the sky

Better keep your shoes on;
the crystal shards
of my intents and purposes
lay strewn about
like so many unwanted toys

Confusing as it may seem,
it was not i who broke them.
You did.
You broke My Promises for me
and shoved me (like "Daniel)
in the Liar's Den"

Even now as you go on
i can hear Them
gnawing their teeth
in anticipation of tonite
when i must close my eyes again
and become victim to Their
savage attack on my conscious

They bite at my pain
with a series of
guilty, not guilty, guilty
chasing me around
the Liar's Den until
i surface from
the pool of fear
and emit a silent scream

i lay down again
trembling in the covers
knowing light will come
touching my reddened
stinging sockets
when the Sandman returns

No one appreciates
my burden, this gravity,
not Them, not You

For the nightmare repeats
my sorrow and shame
i cry for You again

And My Promises are still broken

Nine Lives


Sean Cafferky

When they fall,
I, too, remember
I have failed

When they cheat,
I, too, hide
what is left

When they run,
I, too, wonder:
where and why?

When they hurt,
I, too, recall
I'm not innocent

When they lie,
I, too, ignore
all their explanations

When they use,
I, too, erase
thoughts of them

But when someone tries,
I, too, lie awake
quite excited yet afraid

For when someone loves,
I, too, often stop
to ask: who, me?

And if someone is true,
I, too, cannot help
to hope it's you

Cynic Chain


Sean Cafferky

I fixed it right
then break my wing
again, only this time
it's the other one

And I see you
a broken one too
I return a smile
yet notice that your
eyes pushed the grin
through me and everything

This farce ends abruptly
as you realize that
I've discovered your game
and I play well

"Winner gets next game"
loser of the contest
breaks the cynic chain
to emerge better; you
lose and the next
smile is real, but
mine goes through you

I forced you to lose, to flee, to be
and the victor gets an inverse prize
I choose to leave you forever free
after one last splash in your living eyes



Sean Cafferky

Like a bug in a jar
I am trapped by this pain
Trying to heal my scar
To keep from breaking apart again

Like a bug in a jar
I run towards the beloved spider
Can't seem to get very far
There seems to be no love inside her

And these poisoned tears
cascade into my heart and from the chains
that keep me here
Yet, in a schitzophrenic moment,
I look at my surroundings
and ponder the decision which
I have still failed to make

Like a bug in a jar
I yearn for you despite my fate
Trying to be where you are
While you innocently watch me suffocate

a promise made enroute


Sean Cafferky

tis i, the praying mantis
with feelies exposed;
comparing sunsets
ever the stoic solicitor

for you, my lady bug,
in the teardrop well
rest the reminents of
solitary concerts

the gray trunk of mine
sucks up a Mississippi
of my passionate watershed
in a mere several months

yet, it will not run dry
though try Casio might;
the produce will remain
stocked and green as I

for contained within each
deposit and withdrawal
are the dividends, acting
out my promise to you

and I will never reach to
consume your bright wings
rather, I will strike down
those who obstruct your way

lo, I must wait for it;
as the promise is kept
the well has lost purpose,
and liquids are forgotten

when I, the praying mantis, cease
the extraneous mantras once the
promise is fulfilled by the
amalgamation of red, black and green

Multiple Sightings


Sean Cafferky

one more typhoon of
anticipation rusts the joint
she walked up and
I wanted to hold her

each wants to be magic
but I wear it out
trying on miracles for
every prospect unearthed

Disbelieve as you might
it is hard to focus with
peripheral vision

a fresh lonely solstice
stikes out the hope of
my dark chocolate heart
as the sharks feast

a myriad of connections
(the menagerie of tries)
result in nothing more
than a twisted image of love

Love at first sight
is a constant danger with
peripheral vision



Sean Cafferky

schoolground sandpit,
where the lawless try
to circumvent playground rules.
the giant SPOOL was mine; and
I sat with the good.

"get off" demanded the
bad, the uninvolved
looked on.
the yard Duty
paid no attention to
the power arising.
"hey, jerk" announced a
handful of sand.
it struck my face
and peppered my sight.

"ha-ha" came the cry
as we left for higher ground,
while our counterparts
were washed away to detention
for a week, surrendering
to the Supervisor, who
cared about them and
not of our loss.

North Star


Sean Cafferky

Last night
I held the north star
after watching it so long

Now today
the heat of day returned
and she left me alone

Was it the North Star?
How could you be sure?
It doesn't really matter.
I always treat the one I hold
as though this star were the only one.

the luck of the moon
will bless me once again

Will it be the North Star?
How will you be sure?
It won't really matter.
Time will surrender to my love
and then She will make me the only one

Turtle Soup


Sean Cafferky

The two walked, together at times
Lumbering as a drunk on stilts.
Trying on the new legs of life.

One said to the other,
"We don't have to be just sheep."

The other replied,
"We're turtles, silly."

"But you've missed the point."

When trouble had come to pass,
their hearts were split by
ignorance and determination.

The other sighed,
"What goes around, comes around.
I will now become turtle soup."

The one mused,
"As would I, were I not to rebel
against the Sisters of Fate."
He continued on and grieved
for the lack of courage in his friend.

The other gave up, assuming no good could be.
And so, she lost.

O, Rainbow


Sean Cafferky

You and I
one more task
before our days have passed

We must build
another ark
because Noah forgot one thing

He left behind a
couple of lovers
and there are none today

I know because
the hatewaters
swallow love all too soon

Always continue
treading time
to save out love from flood

Not For Resale


Sean Cafferky

Contents Under Pressure
proclaims the entrance sign
of my heart

so much packed tight
into that tiny place
open it up and
feel emotion spray

Do Not Puncture
begs the frail tenant
of my heart

so bleeds my wounds
from your empty eyes
bust it apart and
hear love scream

Eye Irritant
observes the exit sign
of my heart

so rough the ride
out of our embrace
abandon me and
see niagra falls

Turtle Soup


Sean Cafferky



Sean Cafferky

For what I thought
was good
seems to be wrong.

And you won't talk to me anymore.
My words no longer matter.

Impending doom.
I gave chase;
and defined "futile."

Do you remember who I am?
Please understand me:
I don't want to make you.
I don't want to take you.
I don't want to break you.
So, I'll leave you now.

But I just thought you'd be happy with me.

From Down The Trail


Sean Cafferky

Fair lady, fair lady
ensnared in the dazing glare
of these peon-neon lights
of the hoi polloi mind and
all its alley frivolity
you ought not ignore the winsome
could it not be easier?
wouldst thou not take my hand?

a haiku


Sean Cafferky

behind the daylight
the moon guards barn-owl shadows
crossing window pains

i exist


Sean Cafferky

Even in this ice age, i exist

with all the snow
frozen men, frosen hearts
cold friends, icy trends
with all these You struggle
and You know of fire
You've seen me spark
and fed off the light

how do i know
i am the lightning
which started the flame
whose heat You snuggle
it cannot be denied
i am Your nature
warming that soul tonight

Even in this time of floods, i exist
with the water rushing
showing no prejudice at all
the level rising, it's not surprising
that many will lose the vision
but You hold the fire
You've heard me spark
and still kept close

how do i work
just let me grow
near ones that cause You harm
these enemies will lament their decision
to have ever hurt You
For i am Your nature
giving strength to pose

Even in this early stage, i exist
with everyone competing against
their mother, brother, uncle
all the same,sense the shame
have the courage not to run
because You own the fire
and You wield this torch
feel my energy in Your hand

how can i help
You need only want me
think of flame, call my name
once You have: the spell is spun
and havoc wreaked upon the opposition
For i am Your nature
obeying every command

Even in times of exploration,
Even in this age of modernity,
Even as these histories end,
Even when our time fades away,
i exist

lit for You



Sean Cafferky

whispers are the way, she said
to avoid the tear and shred
and starve the lies in your head
if you want me here in bed...

in between the dusk and dawn
i awake to find her gone
she never tries to lead me on
she's in control; i'm her pawn

whispers are the way, she said
to keep your nights from being dead
and reclaim your heart once it's bled
if you want me here in bed...

whispers are the way, she said
if you want me here in bed...

whispers are the way





Sean Cafferky

hear me
creeping, crawling on the floor
hear me
pleading, begging just for more

i am the one you left for dead
hear my breathing now instead
watch me slither in your bed
you can't deny me 'til i'm fed

sense me
making, planning what's in store
sense me
slipping, being your private whore

i am the one you broke and cursed
sense my lust about to burst
we both know i ain't the first
you can't deny my lovethirst

feel me
banging, knocking on your door
feel me
shivering, shaking; inside once more



Sean Cafferky

the dragon lady, she stares at me
from behind her chains of indecision
her heart; it bleeds
her lust; it feeds
and I walk a little closer

the dragonlady, she cries for me
with acid tears that burn
her pain; wet beads
her crime; bad deeds
and she reaches to touch me

she prays
she delays
she stays
and strays

the dragonlady, she tastes of me
in a moment of prison escape
her sex; like steeds
her joy; she breeds
and released her to try again

she prays
she delays
she stays
and strays

Lift up the lid


Sean Cafferky

We can run if we want to
together, you and I
with a hop and a skip
and a jump for good measure
until we're swimming up in the sky

We can touch if we want to
place your hand in mine
and if you hold on
I'll take you real far
leaving the whole world behind

We can kick
We can scream
just stay for a while

We can climb
We can dive
just give me your smile

We can laugh if we want to
sling some mud in their eye
Lift up the lid
throw yourself in
'cause there's no reason to cry

We can drink
We can dance
just stay for a while

We can kiss
We can dream
just give me your smile



Sean Cafferky

all the times i look upon You
and drink in that magic
i reach for the shadow of You

i am so undeserving
of this wonderful within You
but i sense your interest

and it makes me want to cry

i stand way down below
not that i'm so bad
but because You are that great

i want You to want me
yet it's hard to trust that You do
afterall, why should You?

and it makes me want to cry

will You stop these tears?
will You calm my fears?
will You help me smile?
will You stay awhile?
will You? will You?

will You stay awhile?



Sean Cafferky

a poppy flower
in a field of marigolds
you stand distinguished
among the others
reaching farther than the rest
with your orange petalskin
surrounding the brightness of your soul

but even a flower
strong and proud as you
still needs to be held
adorned with affection
and lavished upon with such love
to enrich your lifesoil
surrounding the beauty of your seed

so, open for me,
take my sunlight inside,
and bask in the glow that is us in this moment

Gradual Landing


Sean Cafferky

slowly approaching
with his sense of stealth
heading around
in a circular fashion
much as a plane landing
in Los Angeles on Labor Day

the pace is quickened
as the radar kicks in
runway ahead ignites a faint humming

buzz that tower
the mighty jets of
the space shuttle
are defeaned and ignored
ounce for ounce by
the airborne assault

and soon lands the fly



Sean Cafferky

I can now forsee
the rays of the spotlight
drenching you in the warmth
of Manhattan's promising neon rain

O, precious little sunflower,
you're not ready for picking;
planted in a fertile bed of dreams
and spreading daylight for the weary.

I know the future holds
the rays of earned success
that transcend us weeds of disappointment
and bring forth the seed of gold within you.

Unclaimed Baggage


Sean Cafferky

i sit here
tattered and torn
waiting for You who are late

i have already
traveled and tried
waiting for You who are late

i am just
unclaimed baggage

i rot inside
broken and bruised
wasting in this prison of independence

An Other Amber Baiter


Sean Cafferky

And what shall i say,
now that my chance has past?

Ah, the visions of You
visited me now and again.
Perhaps in a wistful memory
of opportunities lost
and attempts never made...

i scarcely dared to dream
of holding someone like You.
So perfect in so many ways;
with the kindness of a priest
and the grace of two queens,
with an alluring face
as precious as porcelain,
and a magic sparkle in Your eyes
promising so many things...

And what would i say,
were it that my chance returned?

Probably nothing.
A deer in headlights,
i would want so much to
touch and hold You close,
but i would be... Waiting...

To feel on my lips
a realization of fantasy;
Your Kiss.



Sean Cafferky

14 came.
But nothing else.

I opened it; empty.
Empty as always.
Ever empty.
Welcome to Black Wednesday.
Welcome to me.

Wholly unnecessary.

I am a mere shadow of a man.
And it is nearing dusk.



Sean Cafferky

strike swift
oh, pierce now
with another
empty look
out of your
hollowed eyes
reaching forth
as daggars in
the still of
my nightmare

lo, the stench
of my blood,
foul and corrupt,
belies the fact
that i am not
yet passed away
just in pain
with the loss
to death of
my best friend

nothing more


Sean Cafferky

when my heart's bleeding
i have a needing
my sin is breeding,
on a nightfeeding

hear me breathing
i need unsheathing
my lust is seething
desires everything

once i saw you, i couldn't help it
had to touch you, inside and out
inside and out

i want you and nothing more

i find you pleasing,
unlike teasing
my soul is freezing
your lust is appeasing

once i touched you, i couldn't help it
had to have you, inside and out
inside and out

i hold you and nothing more

Fatal March


Sean Cafferky

i cried

i know your pain, she said

you don't know one tenth
of the hell i live

i tried

i love you, she said

i am only broken pieces
of a shadow

i loved & i died

Chasm on Farmingdale Road


Sean Cafferky

i went for a talk
with one i've never met
down a rose petal patch
she called Farmingdale Road

though i've yet to see
i know she sits prettiest
when she speaks soft and subdued
revealing a special, unsure tenderness

and what lies ahead?
perhaps a chasm
perhaps a fall

alone again, i can feel her
like a shadow stretched on the lawn;
running from the sun,
she comes closer to me
as time passes by

and what lies ahead?
perhaps a chasm
perhaps a fall

perhaps it all



Sean Cafferky

I sit here high and dry
knowing you won't be mine
I come in last again
which I can accept as fine
I only wonder when,
when will I get to shine
don't punish me
with darkness
I need light
don't close shutters

And I'm faltering
in and out of love
with all the wrong
sparks of glory

I cannot stay and cry
so I'll shove off now
I wish to sail away into
the sunset with you on the bow
then I wouldn't stay awake
to wonder.....would love allow
I want you
its over and
I can't grasp
this tragic loss

And I've faltered
in and out of life
with all the song;
end my story

imprisoned ice cream bars


Sean Cafferky

are the bars
in place to keep
you down
or do they
make up your
ice cream
perhaps they
are the weight
you lift off
your chest

are the bars
a place to
drown your
fears or do
they make up
your safety rail
perhaps they
are deserving
of a closer
look by you



Sean Cafferky

I see you walking
afraid of pain
and newfound impropriety

Though you walk along
masked by this fear,
those with our hands
outstretched believe you ought to
know this:
we stand thinking
all the while determined
to see you achieve
the best
a pristine, higher love

Quelched Fireworks


Sean Cafferky

As I sit near the wooden shelf
she smiles quaintly despite herself
strangely I cannot see
what it is inside of me
that which mad her turn away
my fate
was cast
to be lost
to drown
in a sea
of obsession

she skips along, my little girl,
on a plane only I can view
until the woman
regains control

and whenever we are talking
I seem to sense her stalking
trying to find in me
what I cannot be
and then I wonder why we play

Red Smudge


Sean Cafferky

what do the colors mean
the green, pink and bronze
lying on the beach
in a sun brazen twist of youth
while before me
another fish leaps out
of the pond which does not belong
the sand is different here
than where you rest
soaking the sun's rays
for a purpose you
don't yet understand
what do the colors mean
the blue, silver, and blonde
walking in the street
amidst a sparkling haze of cosmetics
while behind you
the white wooden table has
the unclaimed baggage of yesterday
the trees seem busier here
than where you smile
for the purpose you all
too well comprehend
what do my colors mean
the brown, black, and rust
learning a different way
to tread the sea of the drowned
while beneath us
I extend a free arm
and lift up a friend who cried out
the joy is authentic here
unlike your tired lies
lashing out at the dead
but life has always been
there to know

emotional sanity: a journey to and fro


Sean Cafferky

jump start love
in a stranger's bed
laughing and crying
free flowing
thru an innocent
fielf of mind

feelings released
enhancing the night like crickets

faltering love
squandered in doubt
living and learning
free flowing
across visions
of futures lost

callous rehabilitation
my sound butchered in the thickets



Sean Cafferky

Tonight I slammed the door
and ran away from myself.
Wandering in the valley of hate,
despising the weak reflection,
I donned my maroon cap
and listened to a garden of sounds.

And it was on this trip
to find the many paths taught,
on the way to the soul forger
I looked inside my head
and saw advice piled in mounds.

I suggest that you come
and fall out of yourself
if you're gonna pass
the test of ages

If I knew where I was,
I could have grasped direction.
As it was, I am here
still wallowing thru decisions
about things I no longer
really give a fuck about.

There will be no surrender
in this war, my friend.
This settles it all: for life.
Pick your way carefully cause
there may not be a return stub
to this waterfall of drought.

I suggest that you come
and fall out of yourself
if you're gonna pass
the test of ages



Sean Cafferky

I conversed through raindrops
after shopping the clouds
on my night of ascent
to the chilled peak
of my chosen mountain

Lingering on the cliff;
I saw the edge begin to crumble
into a fine dust
which the people down below
never felt
yet breathed

The ore was east to disseminate
from the Crowd constantly
bumbling about
which never changed
the plight:
my view of you is superb
though the edge crumbles
as if my gaze
burned rock

Your would not climb,
so I had to fall for you
Since abandoning the top, I
have never felt
yet bleed



Sean Cafferky

standing beside you
holding your hand
staring at you
hearing your voice
studying you
and i am happy now
to lie beside you
tho we are done
but your absence
goes unappreciated
as the memory
surfaces still

coffee shop


Sean Cafferky

drawing picture cards
and thinking of you
though the devil walks by
again and again
each time a darker shade of green
trying to tempt me away
from thoughts of you
but here I am
sitting quietly
drawing picture cards
and thinking of you

The Crossroad of White


Sean Cafferky

glory seeps through her darkness
a halo risen above the dark shell
is gold

smiles escape the horror held within
a collage of wandering dreams
forging a
natural beauty

fly, precious butterfly, soar away
out of the dead collection
black leather

And there I stand
observing her rebirth
an individual soul
reentering our realm
of its own accord
And there I stand

the blazing star leaves a void
of space, the vacuum
into which I fall
she doesn't look back

she is standing, now
where I had once been, facing a new direction
has this crossroad darkened me?
wait, can you see me?
--no, I see Nothing