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Cindy Cadieux


Edmonton, AB, CA

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Long Forgotten Memories


Cindy Cadieux

I walked through the archway
Into the midst of the cemetary.
Previously unseen, I noticed
a small unmarked tomestone.
The cold granite stone lay entombed
by an ancient pine's shade,
(I assume the grave is as old
as its companion)
My heart ached to understand
the person who lay under the
silence of broken hearts.
Although I did not know this person
or their story, a tear welled in my eye...
Imagine all the broken hearts
never knowing what happened!
--or perhaps not one. (Besides mine-
which hurts more than a thousand)
With a sharp bite to the morning air,
I could feel the earth wrapping
itself up for a long winter's nap.
Soon the grave will again remain unnoticed,
In the spring, shall there be another along
this path who see's what most have
failed to see?


And perhaps then, deep in their subconcious,
A long forgotten memory will stir.

What is Love?


Cindy Cadieux

A smile on my face
and in my heart,

A relationship so perfect
it's God's work of art.

A precious hug
that embraces my soul,

In times of turmoil,
it's your hand to hold.

It's that gleam of affection shining
through the sparkle in your eyes,

A sparkle more beautiful
that every star in the sky.

It's a cherished romance
to dream about at night,

In this dark world,
it is my light.

That is Love from
my mind's view,

Love that I would not have
if it hadn't been for you.