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Jean Cadet


Baltimore, MD, US

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Lost Poetry (War and Peace)


Jean Cadet

And the War goes on!
And the War goes on!

My brother has killed my brother!
The blood from his mouth is bathing his body.
My brother is drinking the blood of my brother.

And that peace that is more estranged!
And that peace that draws us apart!
And that rest that I have never known!
My brother won’t shake the hand of my brother!

And the burning hell!
and the music of thousand machine guns,
bullets fired in the belly of my brother,
and the cries and bodies
of fourteen and then five.

All my brothers....

My poetry lost
in the deafness
of a heartless world.



Jean Cadet

Not even now
do you understand
the dreary thoughts,
the maddening feelings
the unwielding despair,
and my solitude.

Not even now
can your hands
reach out
to touch my hands and my face,
to calm my heart,
and to feel my soul.

Water rises!
Bodies of my brothers

Water rises!
Bodies of my sisters
in the mud.

Not even now
do you want
to hear my cries.

Not even now
does my despair
reach your deafness.

I watch my brothers
going mad.
I watch my sisters cry.
I watch my children die.

Not even now!!!...
Not even now!!!...
Not even now!!!...