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Ordinary Lil' C. C


San Francisco, CA, US

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Strength, Love, and Faith


Ordinary Lil' C. C

I gave you the world; I gave you my life,
I said nothing would come between us, not without a fight,
You said everything was okay, in you would be there for me,
Not until that one day came in you couldn’t bear to be with me,
What happened to the times we shared?
Didn’t that mean anything to you?
Wasn’t my love everything for you?
I treated you like a king in all the royalty that came with it,
I thought I was yo’ queen, yo’ baby, yo’ lady,
Word on the street is that you got a special lady
But that ain’t go last to long when I’m the one carrying yo’ baby,
How could you leave when I needed you, we needed you?
How could you stand there in tell us goodbye?
Then go back in have that chicken head standing by your side,
You don’t wanna remember the times we lied?
You don’t wanna remember the times we cried?
Boy you should’ve known I was go always be by your side,
Just like I told you, I’m yo’ women, yo’ lady,
And you go always be my boo, my baby!

Love Is A Blind Thing


Ordinary Lil' C. C

Love is a blind thing,
But you never see that when he looks so fine,
All you think about is being his everything,
That’s all you want to be,
That’s all you want to see,
Your family can’t deal with it,
And your friends don’t feel it,
You’re the only one that crave him, his body in soul,
But he never shows love to you,
He can care less about you,
Love is a blind thing,
In only takes time to see,
When he hit you in you seen your face,
That’s when you knew you needed a brake,
A brake from all that heartache,
Follow your heart instead of following his love,
The love that you once craved,
And is sooner than later going to send you to your grave,
Love is a blind thing,
That will take over your mind!