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Denny Byrne


Leeds, England, UK

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Denny Byrne

Take a look into my eyes and tell me what do you see?
Do you see the girl that i once was? or the girl that i could be?

When i open my eyes with each new day i forget just who i am. I remember then that i cannot do that which my mind still says i can.

Torture is all that i can say my body is doing to me.
For i no longer run no longer swim i shall never again be free.

People see the person i show loud and brash thats me.
But they never look behind my eyes where my tears are flowing free.

Once i longed to see the world,to embrace all cultures new.
To encounter balmy romantic nights on a tropical isle for two.

The time we have been given is fleeting with no-way back.
Some of us choose the safer path and follow the straighter track.

Thats not to say my choice was wrong,for i found a love thats true.
But no longer have i the chance to do the things that i
wished to do.

My lord has led me a merry dance, with troubles from start to end. But he also gave me the love of my life my tom,my lover my friend.

I wouldn't trade a moment, not a second chance of life. For the moment he was sent to me i knew i would give him my life.

So take note when moaning and whineing your life is not just you. Your duty is to all others the who become a part of you.



Denny Byrne

The wind blows gently,the light shines gold.
Seconds out as you enter the ring.

The gloves are checked the referee signals.Its time for your gloves to sing.

As in your life you fought for us,in our corner you helped and advised.

And through many teenage troubles and woes,you stood srong though with pain in your eyes.

It can never be said by any,his family mean't nothing to him.

For no-matter what we put you through,you were there through thick and thin.

So take a bow our danny boy,for the winner you've been declared.

It's time to retire ,hang up those gloves. In your life we are glad to have shared.

My Valentine


Denny Byrne

Many years ago my love our hearts were fresh and new.
So many years ago my love i pledged to love you true.

None has ever swayed me or tempted me to stray.
I love you now as i did then,and more each passing day.

I looked to find a card my love,so that i could coney.
The way you always make me feel with the passing of each and every day.

There were no words upon any card,to help express my love.
So decided was i to write the words that sent you from above.

No matter what life has thrown me, and all through the path we take.
I pinch myself to prove you are mine, that it isn't a mistake.

Your love mean's all the world to me,you know just what to say.
So today i know you'll understand,i love you come what may.

Tribute for a friend


Denny Byrne

The time has come for parting,my friend shed not a tear.
For now my peace has come at last,my inception ever near.

Fill not your hearts with sorrow,but look upon my face.
For i have won a victory,my soul is filled with grace.

To those i've loved and cherised,my arms are round you still. And always i am beside you when weakest is your will.

Take strenght and joy in my release,for my time has just begun. And through the lazy carefree day's my songs can now be sung.

Remember when in bygone days my heart was filled with pain.
Well now rejoice that i am free and shall not be harmed again.

Time is but a twisting frame which weaves a web so fine.
And no-matter what the sceptics say i'll meet again with thine.

Take my heed and live this road upon which we are cast.
For when the time has come for you it shall not be the last.

The wonderous world awaits me, i see the pastures new.
And now in peace i get to do the things you only dream you do.