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Julia Byrne


Guelph, ON, CA

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Julia Byrne

What is this feeling?
Is it sadness,
Or regret
Or fear?
Why must everything
be shadowed in darkness?
Each step I take forward
Echoes behind me
Like the distant screams
within my mind.
I look towards the future
With a smile
And with hope
But each picture
has a dark film,
a foreboding.
They say that she has changed,
that this time everything will be ok.
But was it her to begin with?
Or is it something else,
following and haunting her?
Ensuring that all her dreams
turn to dust.
Is it a monster from her past
or a figment of her imagination?

She looks in the mirror
and sees a deep sadness,
hidden behind those twinkling eyes.
She knows he is not to blame
and wonders if deep within
there is some corruption of the soul,
something so eroded
that everything she touches
just melts and fades away.

She wipes a tear,
raises her chin
and walks away.
The distant scream has faded
and the momentary feeling has passed.
In his eyes she sees the future.
She feels his love
And knows that within his arms
she is safe.
The horrors that taunt her
have no power here.
If only he will stay a while.