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Sonya Byrd


Philadelphia, PA, US

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Sonya Byrd

How I wish you were her beside me again.
Kissing me. Caressing me. Whispering erotic words of sweet promises.
So sweet, yet so wicked are those words, igniting the spark deep down
inside me until it blazes into an inferno of liquid fire.
I keep busy in the day doing meaninless things to occupy my restless
mind. How long has it been since you were last in my arms?
It seems like an eternity.
I lay awake nights fantasizing about you, my love.
The length of your body curved into mine as we lay entwined, reveling in
the aftermath of our love making.
Your hand lay possessively on the curve of my hip, while the other cups
and massages my tender breast. Your fingers are teasing the ruff tips of
my erect nipple.
My earlobes are trapped delightfully between your moist sensual lips as
you bite gently and suckle seductively on it till I'm gasping with
Oh my love. I always look forward to our nights where we can be alone.
If only you were real and not just a dream.



Sonya Byrd

No one can love me
I refuse to let anyone near,
Deep inside I'm huddling in the dark
Shacking Violently,
sick with fear.