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Little Ivory Butterfly


Boone, NC, US

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Looking Through a Mirror


Little Ivory Butterfly

I see myself looking through a mirror
at what I have become. Someone who
thinks with their head as well as
their heart. I am my own being,
who thinks for themself. I love as
well as hate. I am here yet my head
is in space. I see myself looking
through the mirror at someon;e who
is loved and cared for. Who has family
as well as friends. I see myself
looking through the mirror who loves
themself inside as well as out. I see
myself looking through the mirror at me.



Little Ivory Butterfly

The days are long,
And yet they last.
A summer day seems
Never to pass.
A blue day full of sorrow,
Never to come upon the morrow.
Thunderless lightning seems to sing,
A song of sadden dreams.
And still i wake with a broken heart.
Never to men a fallen star.