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Kelley Marie Bush


Phoenix, AZ, US

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My Familyís Curse


Kelley Marie Bush

In a past life, want took a hardened,
grave man to a carnival gate.

Gypsies danced at a brightly dressed portal
to answers of what will come.

They enchanted him with the soothing
sway of half-clothed, curving hips.

A swollen bosom formed a distraction
away from his killing time games.

She took the manís hand to lead
him to the main attraction.

The curtain was drawn back to expose
a clear glass ball atop a crimson table.

The Gypsy patted a stool of wood, Sit,
I will tell you your true destina.

"I do not believe in sorceries or trickery,
but you, madam, may try anyway."

At that point, light swirled behind
Clouds held within the glass,

The second hand of his watch clicked and
The clouds dissolved to a pink hue.

The spirits of past and future are here
to tell what design awaits you_

"To what am I obliged, for the truth
of which my future is assigned?"

He laughed. Do not mock the power of those
spirits who are yet undead,

Or you will find a curse upon your head
and your family for eternity_"

"Tell me what you will wretch, but
it is a man who creates his destiny.

This," he said with a violent flick
Of his large, bloated hand,

"is just fantasy of dreams before
my real fun of the night begins."

Now my man, I will tell you plain, spirits
will curse the generations that remain.

He leapt from his stool, knocking it over
Like a wild and enraged bear,

And grabbed her mouth pulling her tight
To his enormously erect figure

"Unhappy you must be to know, reality
Deems you filled for me the wrong dream."