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Anthony Burns


Pasadena, CA, US

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White Roses


Anthony Burns

In my mind
as I try so hard to fall asleep
I count long-stemmed, white roses
One for every day
you have been away
The nights are continuously
as dark and deep
with hours growing long
and I restlessly waiting
In your mind
as I reach across the pacified sea
Is there love or not
it feels as if there might be
The nights are as slow and quiet
cold and weak
as the prayers I whisper to the bed beside me

at the gulf that separates
and penetrates our thoughts
Take these white roses
and fill the ocean with their time
every fragrant petal is my love for you
counting another hour in our lives
at the colour of the waves
that greet your every dream
take these crystal white roses
and fill your heart with my mind
each stem is a prayer of my love for you
another night alone, wondering what I should do

In my dreams
after the roses are washed away
a single thorn in my palm
dripping on the Bible
the open Book of Psalms:

"If I take the wings of the morning,
and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;"

As the roses swell in my heart
My hopes are swept out from beneath me