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Neil Burkey


Dublin, Ireland, UK

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pretty horsies


Neil Burkey

then it the was big publish perishables
pulltabs pingpong Bilbao varicose breakfast
bearable things breasts queer fatfarm into

greasy spot wig pillow dumb gearbox agronomy day
Chernobyl figs worstechire qualms swimming
yellow yellow beerbotles synopsis Frankfurt gel
Thyroid spoken into the microphone wincing with
delight grins and sharp molars and toxins

Simon wedding day CD player postmodern James Joyce
birdies pretty birdies and horses and butterflies
and pixies and sperm donors gearbox again and triptychs

blood and other fluids and Gatorade and flashlight batteries



Neil Burkey

Vermillion button-type brass candy
saw me on the roof balanced on toes
"Blast!!" with bread crumbs out the mouth
Findlay took it in and leaked himself out

Oh Again?


Neil Burkey

A poolside out of San Francisco,
with two trees turning like palms
tall green icicles; an aeroplane
equalled in the plane of vision

strikes one before passing through

We too, have agony in the foothills,
and it is brown.

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Garhysome Keebler in the twindling


Neil Burkey

I love you Minnesotan your hard chin walleyed in arab azure

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