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David Burkey


Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, US

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~lost in a world that will not listen~


David Burkey

Take the last one then listen to what she said in the back of your mind last year over and over. Please donít be repetitive in your thoughts for all you have to do is find their answer and theyíll find a way out as you hear the voice that really never speaks. Donít forget that feeling as you see them all standing there it will catch up to you but for now donít worry for there is nothing you can do to stop them from taking. What exactly is it? This feeling that you have no control of it sits there while you walk around in your day always trying to find its way back to the one who sees it through your eyes. Donít try to talk it may be against the rules. When it finds its way when you are not in here is it time for you to remember what it is she said to you so long ago and wonder if it is now really to late. I see you sitting there in bed please listen to what I have said you cannot and will not talk for I control all your thoughts. How is it that I can not stay you have always found