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Bruce W. Burkard


Boca Raton, FL, US

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Guiding Lights


Bruce W. Burkard

And I Ecurb began my journey in the
Land of Dreams, The Land of
Forgetfulness, Full of Fire and
Smoke, and Illusion. and in this Land
there were some Wise Men ... placed there for
the sole purpose of being Guiding Lights
to the Pilgrim Souls on there long
Journey from Darkness to Light.

And I said to the Wise men,
"When will I know of His Coming?"
And They answered,
"By your Tears, that even now
like the rain, are there, but not
quite ready to quench the parched
desert of your Soul".

And I asked, "From where will He come?"
And they answered, "He is even now closer
to you than you are to yourself,
but the eyes which can see Him
are still asleep."

And I asked, "When will these eyes awake?"
And they answered, "Only He can awaken
these eyes from the deep slumber of time,
and only when that eternal seed planted
deep in your Soul stirs with restlessness
and yearning to sprout forth like the
Blossoms in Springtime. Then will He water
them from the eternal spring of His kindness
and love and you will awaken to a new dawn."

And I asked, "How shall I recognize Him?"
And they answered, "When your eyes are
awake he shall dawn upon your Soul
like the rising Sun of Morn after
a long night of darkness ... and the
warm loving light of His Being shall
cause the essence of your Soul to
Arise and Dance in the ever changing
panorama of His play."

And I asked, "How shall He speak to me?"
And they answered, "You shall hear Him
only after He has opened your inner
ear, the ear that hears only His voice.
For now your ears hear only the babble
of the world ... even though His voice,
His sound, surrounds your very being."

And again I asked, "How shall I know
His voice?" And they spoke and said,
"When you hear the soft tinkling silver
bells coming down from the right side
you will know your time is neigh. For Lo
it will be Him covering your nakedness
and sorrow with the sweet sound of His love."

And again I asked, "How else might I
hear him?" And one of the wise men said,
"Those Bells shall draw your Soul up to
the highest part of His Bell Tower and
then blend into one all encompassing Sound,
So Sweet, So Loving, you will not be able to
resist. And in that moment He will show
you more happiness, more love, more peace,
than you would ever have known in all of
your wanderings."

Again one of them spoke saying, "At this
time you will stop your seeking, you will
throw away your scriptures, and you will
begin to praise his glory. You will write
poetry of His greatness and you will thank
Him forever for rescuing you from this world
of illusion."

Now one of the Wise men spoke and said,
"And on that day within the ringing light
of all love and consciousness He shall gather
you up unto Himself, and just as a drop
of water returns to the sea, and a ray of
light returns to the sun ... so shall you
also return to the place of your beginning."

And so I Ecurb asked one final question of
the Wise men. I said, "When I reach the place
of my beginning what shall I behold?" and one
answered saying, "Of this we can say no more,
for at that time ... who will remain to ask
the questions? and who will be there to
give the answers?"