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Paul Burk


Belleville, WI, US

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A Sestina you would Harley notice.


Paul Burk

No mere mortal will ever ride a Hog
that shines and gleams in all its chrome
and paint. Itís a steed to search for oneís spirit,
a quest one hopes will never come to an end,
forcing one to ride an endless journey clad in leather
and boots. All this. oneís armor, makes one feel like a god.

The power I control is that of a god
because it feels unlimited upon this Hog.
I learn to love the feel of the beautiful black leather
and the way it looks on me in contrast to the chrome
of the beast that could easily end
my existence and destroy my spirit.

A Harley-Davidson is the best way I set my spirit
free. They call me Thor, the god
of Thunder, for I control all that I see and all this end-
less power stems from one source, this fantastic Hog.
All strength and fury are reflected in my chrome
heart as well as my mighty hands wrapped in leather.

Deep within this man, beneath studded leather,
is a powerful force, a relentless spirit
that shines free, as much as the sun reflecting off the chrome
exhaust pipes, which call out, as does this god
a force to be reckoned with a man and his Hog.
If you cross one, you cross both, which will be your end.

The iron horse is my true friend.
Tougher than an army grunt or any leather-
neck marine. Itís a vicious machine, the awesome Hog.
Within this beast lies a relentless spirit
that needs to be controlled, and controlled by a god.
We need each other; our joy is glimmering chrome.

The man and the beast like paint and chrome
forever together riding always until the end
when one day I will be called to answer the gods
wearing my boots and clad in my best leather.
I will answer them truthfully with a strong spirit
that I share as one with the mighty Hog.

There is nothing finer on a Hog than bright beautiful chrome
which reflects a spirit whose power will never end
and is as strong as leather and as omnipotent as a god.