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Jennifer Burgan


Columbus, IN, US

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Jennifer Burgan

Rain washes over my dreams
As I hear the thunder roar.
I realized what a fool I've been
as my tears begin to poor.

I see my dreams die out
Like the stars I've wished upon so many times.
Your feelings I could not see
So much like a bat I was blind.

So many walls were built up
Some so big like the great wall.
My hopes shattered into so many pieces
As my heart took a great fall.

I miss you now more than ever and
I will keep wishing upon the stars in the sky.
I am sick of having rain wash over my dreams
And I want you here by my side.

All of my walls will soon come down
And my dreams will no longer die.
The tears will no longer poor
When you are the star thats in my life.


I keep asking myself why I let you go
But did I have you to begin with?
I hear myself saying that I still like you
But are my words nothing more than a myth?

Why am I feeling so unsure
Of these feelings I have inside?
Is there nothing I can do to reasure myself
That from you I need not hide?

I look into your face and ask myself why
I couldn't talk to you.
I don't understand myself
It's like my worst nightmare comming true.

Please forgive me for all of the stupid thigs
I have recently done.
For until the day your in my life
My life's battle will not be won!