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Erin Bundesen


Galion, OH, US

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Erin Bundesen

I place my hand upon your heart
And felt the rhythm against my fingertips
For just one moment in times' great expanse
I wondered if it was your heart
Or if I was feeling my own in the touch
In that instant I knew we were meant to be
Melting together in my mind
I touched my lips to your neck
And inhaled your scent so sweet
It overtook me and carried me away
For a second, I felt everything that you did
I wondered what my kiss felt like to you
The serenity of heaven or the torment of hell
I hold out my hand filled with all that I am
It is for you that I carry on each day
For you that I live life
Take my heart and love it while you can
Keep it with you always; near yours
You too may wonder sometimes
If it is my heart beating at your touch
Or your own pounding out the same rhythm



Erin Bundesen

I guarded myself
Hoping you didn't notice
My apprehensive stares
Hopeless contemplation
Of your thoughts
Wishing I wasn't reading
Uncomfortable silence and
Unaffected disregard
In your eyes
Engulfed in wasted emotion
Lost in a confusing mess
Not knowing who I am
Stained forever
By the carnality
Of your touch
My soul shattered
By your indifference