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Mimi Bumgarner


McHenry, MD, US

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Sleep Poem:


Mimi Bumgarner

Again I lay upon my bed,
wishing sleep will fill my head.

Soon slipping past my mindful gates,
the unknown Universe awaits.

Out beyond the laws of man,
and bland flat walls that stay the same,

and on beyond my logic's snare,
past guessing what's awaiting there.

I ride the shuttling of my dreams,
thoughts oozing forth paint changing scenes.

No balanced beam of guiding light,
no point of reference, wrong or right.

Instead I flow and float along,
like notes within an unknown song,

and where it is that I have been,
that certain knowledge I do not win.

Just that sleep my constant friend,
came again last night and called me in.

And even though it pains me so,
just where I went, I do not know.