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Penelope Bullock


Taupo, NZ

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We Decide


Penelope Bullock

We choose the paths we follow
And more often than not
We can't return.

We choose the people
To share our lives
To love, to hold, to yearn.

We choose the weapons
To fight our wars
Of hunger, hurt and sorrow.

We are the determinants
Of our own lives
Forever and tomorrow.

Nós Decidimos


Penelope Bullock

DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web

Nós escolhemos os caminhos que seguimos
E muito freqüentemente
Não podemos voltar.

Nós escolhemos as pessoas
Para compartilhar nossas vidas
Amar, abraçar, ansiar.

Nós escolhemos as armas
Pra lutar nossas guerras
De fome, doença e tristeza.

Nós somos os determinantes
De nossas próprias vidas
Amanhã e sempre.