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David J Buchanan


Springfield, VA, US

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Petals In The Grass


David J Buchanan

Pink drops
In a pool of green
Once something whole
Now only remnants can be seen
An alluring aroma
Held captive by the wind
Fragrance of emptiness
Blowing hollow scents within
Knowing everything is temporary
Emotions so vast
Kneeling quietly staring
At the petals in the grass
At one time full of life
Just stillness today
Only eerie silence
Where insects use to play
Reminders of something beautiful
A rose that didn't last
Kneeling,quietly staring
At the petals of the past

Autumn Wind


David J Buchanan

The autumn wind
Is blowing near
See the lonesome
Leaves of fear
Falling off trees
That have no more life
Trying to hold on
Yet losing the fight
Hearing it's wind wisper
A lonely sound it cries
Bringing back a memory
Deep down still she lies
As the gold seems to fall
Down from the sky
Memories I'm having
Of our last goodbye
Though the seasons change
The thoughts will stay
Even after the leaves
Finally blow away