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Veronica Bubonic


Maryville, TN, US

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Stooping for Candy


Veronica Bubonic

Well fine, if you dizzy at the scent of cheap perfume
If the perming chemicals don't burn your sinus cavity
Swoon for polyester, for low-slung dirty jeans
Then take her. Oh yes, naturally.
Get down and dirty in the mire of static Amerika
Sprout a gut to hang over a belt
Be a Weekly World News private citizen
Not given to rough Fifties kitties nor hearts of felt
Is it the faux mane veiling that cottage cheese face
The fast and easy rump, the tarty pace
No, it has to be the over-bleached locks
Kissed by the sun? Why, naturally!
You see, there are good whores and bad whores
Even for boys as boring as you
The bad ones spoil the sport of the flesh
The good ones paint your insides right through
With a rush, with a shudder, with a cuddle
Raw in the dawn yet ever so subtle
Hey, I've got the swagger, the strut, the jeans
Less plastic, less mean than that trollop without seams
So you knew I was the superior mind
Just wanted you, but you wouldn't take it
Oh well, all is splendid, fine
Until a just day, the good whore resigns.