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Louis Bruyere


Fort Frances, ON, CA

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Before You Go


Louis Bruyere

everday seems like the one before
my friends will be gone nothing more
is this the way things work for me
like being blind I can't see
just going on what I feel
is harder then I let up to be
nothing to show for what I've done
just empty promises and things to be
I know what I feel in my heart
but trying to express it I don't know where to start
underneath this thick shell
no secrets from you that it tells
I'm a sensitive person you just can't tell
I try to be on top of things all the time
but this venture seems to be pointless of mine
so as you read this I want you to know
I will always love you even if you go

My Love


Louis Bruyere

I can picture the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,
she's not a model or a beauty queen
I think about her everyday, and picture things I'm going to say
I tell her she's beautiful every chance I get, I just hope she knows that I mean it
I try to make her happy in every way, but I screw up the words I say
I wish I could have the days over when I made her mad, because her love is slippin like it was just a fad
I see her now and it's different in ways, the trust is gone it's not the same
can she ever forgive me and believe what I say, I trust her, she is perfect in every way