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Brandy Brush


Birmingham, AL US

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Brandy Brush

His eyes so mysterious
His purpose not known
His expression so melting
His smell so needy
His being so longing
His tongue so foreign
His approach so confusing
His presence so captivating
Him! I fluster
So near but seperated with gold
My life so empacted by no exchange.

Still Forbidden


Brandy Brush

Forbidden you were
Forbidden you stay
Restricted by gold no longer
And still you stay away

The miles are now greater
And the years far between
Differences within us deeper
So much so it's almost obscene

Mind is always racing
Never very far from it's reach
Never there but always present
How does one accomplish such a feat

Forbidden you were
Forbidden you stay
Reasons are now so different
And yet the pain is just the same