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Chelsea Noelle Bruns


Saint Peters, MO, US

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stepping stone


Chelsea Noelle Bruns

You know I can't remember a day,
When I didn't feel any pain,
At least not since I met you,
Well more like since you changed,
After that nothing anyone said seemed true,
You know if I try really hard I can almost see,
Me happy,
Do you know how sad that makes me feel?
I can barely remember when my smile was last real,
And I owe it all to you,
It seems to me that if you knew it would hurt me,
You would be sure it was exactly what you would do,
I think you liked hurting me,
It gave you some sick sence of power I believe,
Why did you do this to my heart?
Why did you tear it apart?
I just don't understand anything,
I gave you everything,
And yet I asked for nothing,
You treated me like your slave,
Like I was the one who needed to be saved,
When all along it was you who needed me,
You used my love to make you feel strong,
By makeing me look like I was wrong,
What you did was not right,
As a matter of fact I think your heart must be as black as night,
I'm not your stepping-stone,
And I would rather die then be with you,
I'm better off all alone,

Loosing You


Chelsea Noelle Bruns

Day after day she watches and waits,
She can’t understand why her eyes refuse to cry,

It would appear to a stranger as if she just doesn’t care,
But how could she not when her love has always been there?

She’s been preparing for the day when everything she’s ever known goes away,
She doesn’t know how to believe or even hope for something to change,

Every feeling every thought inside her feels strange,

She doesn’t know what to do,
Besides sit and wait for the day to come when she looses you,

Love: Chelsea Noelle Bruns
Dedicated to: My Mom