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The power of one



A queen on a thrown,
A thrown of gold.
Holding a key to a unlocked door.
Learning and knowing of all she hold,
Nothing un willing or wanted unfolds.

The tears start to fall,
they come tumbaling down.
She's always un happy and she wears a frown.
For all the power she holds,
she's not that strong.
For she is still a girl and is not a adult.

So this is what she's trying to prove.
The one they find holey,
is not holey at all.
It's your mind playing games,
it's your inner thoughts.

The one who holds all the happiness and love,
is not that queen.
It's your inner child,
Still holding what's unknown to all adults.
This is the power we all hold,
It depends on you, weather or not you know.

Being there is not enough!



He say's he's there holding you tight,
Being with you all threw the night.
What he gives you is more then that,
It's deeper and stronger then being there.

He never says he loves you or kisses you good bye.
Being there is not enough when it comes to a women and her falling in love.
You buy her gifts and you do everything for her.
Just being there is not enough.

He finally tells you that he wants you to know.......
All that he says and all that he's shown.....
It's all apart of how he love's and he tells you he Thinks he has fallin in love. I am sorry i was only there for you he say's , But i fell in love with you and i got really scared.




He says those three words all the damn time,
Hoping and praying you will for give him for his crime.
The one he commeted about five months ago,
Make up on his shirt and kisses on his cheek.
He said it was nothing so let it go.

I have let it pass for way to long it happened again,
I realized i was a fool,
Not knowing or seeing what he had done,
He had torn deep down into my soul.
He stole my secret and my verginity.
He tried to fix it by saying I love you baby.

He drove me crazy for too damn long.
I let him go realizing i was a fool.
If i would have held on him to what was a lie.
I would have probly married that guy.
Thanks for saving me and helping me hold on.
Thank you family i have loved for so long.




I want to hold you he say's.
I want to love you he say's.
I want to be one with you.
I want your soul to intertwind with mine he say's.
But he looks in your eyes and you see in his,
That all he say's is blind.

He ask's you out.
He walks you around.
He hold's you tight.
He opens his mind.
The one thing he said to you that night,
Is i love you girl and it's been along time.
The last women i said that to was my own flesh and blood.
That women was my own momma

He said to you ,
I know we are friends,
But i feel in love with you in the mist of all this.
You smile at him and you look in his eyes.
You finally realize it was never a lie.
Love hold's the key to everyone's life.
It draggs you in and then it ends.




The hands that hold all your words,
The hands that speek a language you don't hold,
The hands who make all you have,
All you own,
All you earn,
and all youv wrote.

Your hands are there own person,
Your own special guide.
Your hands are what get you threw your whole entire life.
Your hands have lines that make them unique.
Your hands are your all and your wounderful specialty,
Your mind and you hands are nothing at all,
If there wasn't your imagintaion to creat it all.

You picked up that pencial that very first day,
You learned to speak a whole new language.
Your hands have led you all over in life.
With out your hands you would be a no body.
If you don't have hands you have somthing else,
but with out your hands i feel your missing out.

My hands are mine and yours are yours.
With out your hands would you do half of the things you do?
No i think not.




Bom, bang, crash, gone!
That quick, it's all over for him.
I didn't know this kid at all,
I found out he was a person over the innercom,
The school in tears, the people cry.
I felt bad, because i didn't know this guy.

I new nothing about him, except for what i was told.
He was a smart and funny guy, with a heart of gold.
He always smiled and cheered everyone up.
That one morning when he buckled up,He new not what was in store, Bom, bang, crash, that guy was gone.
His sister was uncontis, she new he was gone.
When she awoke she started to cry.
Why did that happen to my brother and not the other.

The boy took off to a brand new place,
Warming the hearts of a million new faces.
Heaven is the place that he has gone.
The best man, that i never new.
Warmed my heart threw and threw.
Missing out because i had not a chance,
To say hello to this guy so great.

So just remember friends or not,
A person is a person so please don't judge.
IF some one smiles at you smile back,
Because later in life i know you will not regret it.

Ride of your life!



A new found love,
Is two souls of there own,
young and pure,
connect in a single momment.
A famous story was written about,
All the power love offers and holds.

A single finger lifted from it's thrown,
The power of the mind takes over the heart,
Great and powerful endings,
HAve no dark,
Fell what you feel despite what they say,
Do what you do and love will find it's way,
Hope is a shame,If it goes to waste.
Golden crowns are all they seen.
Feel the pain that comes along, and all the joy that will be over comed by this happy life,
you both shall share.

Faith is somthing that will always be there,
So if its a screen or just a name,
A huge hug or a kiss,
You will find your way soon enough.
Love is love and will always be,
Your time will come and you will be traped,
In for the ride of your hole damn life.

gone with the wind



HE watched my first breath,
He herd my first cry,
Never thinking one day i would die,
Helping no one just looking at me,
My bodys out cold hes crying at what he see's,
The monater beeps and the line goes flat gone with the wind just like that.

HE watched me smile on my way home,
I coughed in his face and he whiped my little nose,
He held me tight when i cried,
Rocked me at night when no one would try,
He never thought life was huge,
Until i was born,
He hates life now that i have left,
He holds my hand in his hand.
Crying his eyes out i am gone with the wind.

Daddys little girl from day one,
Home from the hospital with lots of love.
A tear falls from his cheek as he gently rubs mine.
HE loves his little girl and he will all his life!
Now i am gone and he's 80 years old hes hanging on but soon to be gone! He looks at my pic and starts to cry and says daddys with you soon i will hold you again. and just like that he was gone with the wind! ~mary king~