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Kelly Browning


Indianapolis, IN, US

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The burn


Kelly Browning

You strike a match.

A car is on fire somewhere on
Smoke crowding out the
nervous eyes,
tangling with busy commuters trying to
get out.

Wonder if they can see

Broadripple's umbrella'd
dinner tables.

Careful, your heart is blazing
------don't step on me------

Run from this place
sirens soaring,
on the distant city skyline.

Don't they know
flames start from afar to burn
through the lazy,
of snowcone stand keepers,
tax drivers just out to
make their buck.

Catch a spark to shoot
across the darkened sky
streets caked with mud
that can't know the difference.

Come and sit with me to see
.......heads turn up......

the world is glowing.

Strawberry Cream


Kelly Browning

Look back
To a rose in nightlight.

To broken flip-flops and freckles
Post-Toasties, popsicle sticks
To chocolate bars and cotton candy.

Got some Johnson's here to clear
your head and training wheels for barbie.
You make friends with the Duckie.

Tell me, are slip 'n' slides for fall
with Easter bonnets or Sunday dress?

Oh, little golden books. Seek your wisdom.
To angels flying in stud pierced ears.

But see know
your 'P'skettios a plaster on the shelf.
Jungle gyms a tangle in the field.

Wipe muddy footprints from velcro shoes
and Kool-Aid from your eyes.