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Derek D Browning


Rantoul, IL, US

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In Your Arms Forever


Derek D Browning

Ever since I last held you tight,
Ever since I last had you in my sight.

I knew you where the one for me,
And us together is the way it should be.

I miss you more each passing day,
And in your arms forever is where I want to stay.

But you pushed me away, turned me down,
And ever since this, I wore nothing but a frown.

I wish you were here sitting beside me,
My love I share for you I wish you could see.

But thats what I pray each and every day.
But that probably won't happen, today anyway

Heaven itself was blessed by you,
And I know for sure that I was too.

Tears they pore down my face,
They dissappear without a trace.

Receiving your love again, I was too late.
You found yourself a different date.

I can't tell the future, or my fate,
I can only sit, pray, hope and wait.