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Chris Brown


Round Lake, IL, US

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Revelations-Bastard Things


Chris Brown

Slayer jumping from the skies heavans open up like eyes
envy is none the bastard thing
sayes the wrong things at the right time
theres a plan here to unwind
thunderburrow suburban skies
a bitter band of focused eyes
have no concious just credit paid
the end of suffering in his ways
bloodshed flowing into streams
streets so stricken blur and sway
on this bugged out eyes will weigh
leather stitched with devils skin
angels wings make boots and sling
eyes of godthing stud his pinky ring
weapon of crude ebonite
studded silver sequence sight
the hanged man has come down from the tree
you will be visited tonight
pins and needles up your ass
the skins grown thin
self destruction within
what was felt here before
has become a bore
a burrow within
construction of sin
inimity distress
a portrait of mess
a statute of hait
a feeling to late
of this laughing state
on inward create
brought evil in through
an innocent look
by anything into
this illusive book
illusifuge breeds
i cant feel the needs
but i can show you this
the best parts you missed
the static of souls
illisions and writes
the imputant love
in bittering fights
the releases of the past
the taste of the dead

in gods eyes of water
the devil is burning
consuming the earth
the trecherous gurth
the parts played so well
the fear shields the breath
cant look in your eyes
unless i want lies
and the same with me
until i die
i know answers from eyes
in your leaky head
and your fear holds back the unwanted prize
if only i could undo your present demise
the fire would crackle and sizzle my eyes
im treated like a toy,im treated like a monster
you should learn to never over-wind your toys

im bieng rubbed in ,im bieng rubbed out
my dreams dont want to be reminded of me
the reality of me,the nightmares of my dreaming mind
if i could never wake again,they would've never died
everyones an artist,but only a few really suck

Written by Chris Brown{Rat Acid Band Lyrics}
from what were you thinking{which ones hootie}1998