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Tabitha Brown


Coalinga, CA, US

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Life Without You


Tabitha Brown

At night I lie awake,
When we are so far apart,
Wishing I could sleep,
Longing for the safety of your arms.
Dreading the late hours,
Fearing the dark,
Remembering the ghosts and nightmares I found there befoe.
I read my books of romance,
getting lost in another place and time,
imagining other peoples problems, so I don't have to remember mine.
Lying here alone, Silence, Pitch black, tears, at night is when I catch a day full of fears.
But when we are one, I forget about today, tommorow and yeasterday.
Happily in your arms, contently I lay,
I understand why cats and kittiens sleep all day.
But then you are gone, and it feels so wrong,
and all of my fears seep in,
especially the one of never being able to live without having you as my closest and truest friend.



Tabitha Brown

As I watch him sleep, I dream of our future.

I hold him close as if it were our last night together.

I cherish every moment, every touch, every word and every kiss.

I pray for good times and for strength for the bad,

And I wonder if I have finally found my other half.

I lay here hoping this is real,

It seems too good to be true but it just feels so right.

His words soothe me, his touch relaxes me and his kiss takes my breath away.

When he looks into my eyes I feel like he can see into my soul,

His gentle praises touch my heart and mend the deep wounds from my past.

I feel as if I am finally becoming whole again.

I touch his face and kiss his lips,

I marvel at the beauty that anyone could ever make me feel this.

I hold my breath and wish I could pause time

For these few precious seconds seem like hours in my mind.

He stirs and pulls me close, chasing my thoughts away,

With one final fleeting prayer in my heart that it will always be this breathtaking.