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Jason Dale Brown


Anderson, IN, US

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Empty train of thought


Jason Dale Brown

I have eaten fruit from the tree of conscience
with the mother of mankind
I have a heart for forgiveness
and a brain that tells me lies
from a love/hate person that travels on overload
seconds away from one personallity
watch me explode

Life is armadeddon locked in an echo chamber
Axphixiation rules my life
trapped in by my creators
a vortex in the void
keeps me locked inside
a negative balance of energy
keeps me from the light

I greet each day with nausea
from working on dead air
always on the edge
I can't go anywhere

Glitch in my head my minds compleatly locked
I wish life was a blank illistration in an empty train of thought

Liquid Dust


Jason Dale Brown

Deep inside through steel cold eyes
A man holds tight to crippled lives
sour, sick and decadent
Restless, tortured, malevolent

Sobering he cowers into his blackenend shroud of grief
Sobbing to a world less known, no sober eyes should see
weak he holds a trusting grasp to those in proven love
Deeply seeking what he lacks in no one real at all

Lifes game of pain has taken, another great to be
Turns him into liquid dust, injects him into ink.

65 Roses


Jason Dale Brown

The first day I met you I'd never that It'd be this way

You holding tight here by my side through constant spells of suffering

Last night I glared into your eyes

I know you know what's best in life

Sorry but I have to leave and get much needed rest tonight

Put 65 Roses on my bed when I fall

Tell me that yiou love me until the break of dawn has gone

You've sat and sat here by my side and watched me lie awake so tired

Traveled down this long hard road just to have to let me go