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Jamaal Brown


Brookhaven, MS, US

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Spoken Heart


Jamaal Brown

I weep because of sadness
But there is joy in every tear.
I hurt because we are no more,
But my love for you is still here.
My fire is endlessly blazing,
You are my infinite fuel.
Our love is forever and ongoing,
Meaning thereís no need for renewal.
Blessed we are and safe we will be,
In loving arms so tender.
I throw down my sword and withdraw from battle,
To your love I surrender.
Protected by the guardians of compassion,
This love will never fault nor shame.
Love brings affection then also happiness.
With this thereís no room for pain.
I confess my faults and repent my sins,
For Iím human, born a sinner.
But now I promise truth of heart,
Until the gates we enter.
Fall to your knees and pray with me,
A short prayer but long enough
To ask the Lord to strengthen us,
When we face situations so tough.
I cannot say thereíll be no mistakes,
Though in them Iíll be honest,
But I can say Iíll keep you happy,
And lover you always, I promise