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Elliott Brown


Castlegar, BC, CA

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Petals Blow When Death Is Near


Elliott Brown

why petals blow
i do not know
in a springtime breeze.
i know not why
they must die
when comes the winter freeze.

while petals blow
i will lay low
beneath the swinging stalks.
Death cannot see
a sign of me
when after me he walks.

when rain does fall
i watch them all
soak their parching thirst.
and come next year
when they grow here
i hope to pick the first.

Human Soup


Elliott Brown

Water splashes. Soap stings the eyes.
Clean skin squeaks delightedly.
The cold night presses against the windows.
The rising steam
distorts the reflections
of the deformity in the bathtub.



Elliott Brown

The gate creaked open (it always had),
giving entrance
to a sunlight-dappled backyard.
the treehouse,
tucked safely in the bosom
of the best tree for climbing
(must be miles above)
always a happy place,

now marred by that.

the grass swayed in time to
the branches swayed in time to
the swing swayed in time to
the wind swayed in time to
the rope swayed in time to
the boy swayed in time, too.

Everything casting macabre dancers
on a dead lawn.