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Caitlin Jones


Edmonton, AB, CA

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A Solemn Grave


Caitlin Jones

We are the soldiers of a terrible fight.
We fought and fought with all our might.
The flower to remember lays on top of our solemn grave.
In the sky, the dove still floats.
The bird to deliver the peaceful notes.
We are wounded, the wounded shall die.
And now, in this solemn grave we lie.
It is your right to keep peace in your place.
Before your eyes shut across your face.
Then you'll be wounded.
The wounded shall die.
And in this solemn grave you'll lie.

What Haven't I Found


Caitlin Jones

Not a sound on the street.
Not a sound in the sky.
But the wind wispers a lullaby.

"Time to die, Time to die,"the wind calmly says.
The raven swoops into the sky.
Calmyly fying, time to die.

The sky grows dark.
The clouds cover the sun.
"No turning back, not until your done."

"What have I done," I ask the sky.
"Time to die,time to die"

I see a man, alone and lost.
Running I ask,"help me sir."
The sky replies,"Not 'til you pay the cost."

The man turns, an black hole where his face once lay.
"Who are you man," I bravely say.
But no answer came the black hole.

"Your fading fast," the wind plainly states.
"Don't fight me, today's the date."
"Dying's a part of life," I say,"I haven't lived mine yet."

The wind gives no reply.
I still don't want to die.

"What have I done, to deserve such pain?"
"What can I do to live again?"
But to these questions come no reply.

Quickly and without a sound,
The wind picks me off the ground.
"Not yet, what haven't I found?"

No answer to this question.
No answer at all.
As the wind swallows me up,
I hear a call,
"Time to die,Time to die"