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John Paul Brooks


Liverpool, England, UK

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Lost Child


John Paul Brooks

He walks in fear,
The man draws closer,oh so near,
He quickly thinks,what should I do,
Turn away or pass on through,
His mind it races,thoughts not clear,
And from his eye,drops a tiny tear,
He remembers the words from his mothers lips,
Don't talk to strangers,and never take lifts,
The man he stops,stands still and stares,
Then a smile from his face as his hand draws near,
Come here little chap,with a voice so calm,
Where do you live,you'll come to no harm,
Lying back in the car,blue lights flashing outside,
Just feeling of calm,a policeman each side,
Only thinking of home,and a hug from his dad,
He thinks to himself,never again I'll be bad.

Special Friends


John Paul Brooks

These friends are special

I will never forget

Even though in my mind

No thoughts when we first met

Comrades in arms brothers where we

We would share our last penny

Our ciggys and tea

We fought and we drank

Arqued fell out

But god help the people

Who messed us about

The time came when I left

And bid them goodbye

And in my heart

I knew some would die

Thirty years on There faces I see

And I think to myself

This could have been me

But god in his wisdom

Took them under his wing

They were all so young

Such a terrible thing

Not even a war

Just a conflict they say

These young soldiers

So brave in there day

This I dedicate to my friends

Brave where they

So proud to have known them

In my heart they will stay.



John Paul Brooks

Memories flood back

Of days gone by

A young lad in shorts

So very shy

Patches in pants

Shoes too small

Embarrassingly standing

With my back to the wall

Other kids had the same as me

But in my mind

This I could not see

My way of coping

Was to dream of the sea

The different places

In my mind I would be

I'd sit in my room

With a comic or two

Float off in the air

To a time that was new

Sometimes I'd be zorro

Maybe a cowboy

My imagination to me

Was my favourite toy

But now I'm older

With kids of my own

I realise now

It's about not being alone.



John Paul Brooks

Up from the bed

I slowly rise

Listen gingerly

No sound no cries

Hands are shaking

My heart beats fast

My mind still racing

I've beaten him at last

Slowly backwards

Dont make a sound

Get to the door

Don't turn around

To the stairs

I slowly go

No heavy steps

Just on tip toe

The bottom I reach

Still not a sound

Into the kitchen

I'm on safe ground

Reach for the kettle

And make a drink

Then into the chair

I slowly sink

At last I've done it

I've earned some rest

No more blackmail

Or a kick in the chest

Just some peace and quiet

And a drink or two

Looking after a baby

Can be the death of you.



John Paul Brooks

As I walked outside

In the brisk morning air

Not a soul in site

All the streets so bare

I walk down the street

Not fast nor slow

Deep thoughts in my head

My insides all aglow

This time of the day

So peaceful and calm

Just sometimes the sound

Of a distant alarm

I think to myself

Its so good to be free

All the years I have missed

So much misery

The pain I have caused

The grieve the shame

I just hope outside

It has stayed the same.



John Paul Brooks

Summer to me is like

A breath of fresh air

No more cold

Or trees that look bare

No thick coats

Or layers of clothes

Just a pair of shorts

No socks just bare toes

No coughing or sneezing

After getting wet through

Just lying in sunshine

Admiring the view

No miserable faces

As you pass people by

Just happy smiles

No clouds in the sky

Dark nights forgotten

A thing of the past

This season is for me

I hope it will last.

My Home Town


John Paul Brooks

I have lived in Bootle

All my life

Went to school here

Met my wife

The roads and streets

Where my playing grounds

And from them came

Such heartfelt sounds

Not much we had

Just lots of love

No fancy toys

Just someone there

When we shed a tear

An inside loo

Was a dream to me

My imagination was my T.V

So many memories

Some fond,some bad

Like patches in pants

And me mother so sad

When money was short

She managed so well

Each meal she cooked

I still sense the smell

At fifteen I left

And sailed away

But the town itself

Drew me back to stay

Now I look round the sreets

And what do I see

Empty steps,each room a T.V

Gone are the sounds

Of children at play

Just graffiti,mess

Not much pride today

So if people who are

In the same mind as me

Go outside turn off the T.V

Bring back the joy

Of days gone by

And maybe life

Won't pass you by



John Paul Brooks

When we were young

Our expectations were small

A second hand bike

Or maybe a ball

No flights to the sun

Or a week on a boat

Just down the canal

On a plank we would float

No telly or videos

CD's or cassettes

Just a radio playing

And sweet cigarettes

As we grew

We would dream of afar

In place of a bike

A second hand car

No more hand me downs

Or cast off shoes

No pants with patches

Or soles that were glued

Our life now

Is so different from then

More things we have

I still wish I was ten.



John Paul Brooks

A piece of cake

Maybe a mince pie

A drop of the hard stuff

With a little wink of the eye

A glass of sherry

Or a beer or two

Dont go yet

You've got tim for a brew

Just stay for an hour

Maybe a little while

He said pleadingly

With a wry little smile

Let's turn on the T.V

Hear the queens speech

Another little chuckle

Then for the switch

He would reach

As I sat there watching

Not the T.V but him

The smile on his face

The room so glim

I thought to myself

This is not the way

It should be

All alone on Christmas

No family no tree

Other years I had thought

Should I knock on his door

Miserable old codger

This he would not thank me for

But to see his face

When he opened that door

Made me realise

This is whar Christmas is for.



John Paul Brooks

As I watch the people passing by
So many deep in thought
Sometimes a laugh or just a sigh
A nod by some or no reply
A lot just seem distraught

As I watch the people passing by
A lot just live a lie
Minds intent on what they have bought
Sometimes a laugh or just a sigh
Other times a look might catch my eye
Or a sound may bring a quick retort

As I watch the people passing by
There body's move so quickly by
Moving fast no time to get caught
Some times a laugh or just a sigh
Rushing round until they die
Forgetting who or what they sought

As I watch the people passing by
Sometimes a laugh or just a sigh.



John Paul Brooks

I see them sitting

All alone

There faces set

Like jagged stone

No thoughts I think

Are in there head

Just dreams for them

Inside there bed

No passion joy

Just memories there

Hearts still beating

Souls so bare

Sometimes a movement

Slow unsure

There lives ebbing

Till they feel no more

They sit like statues

And hope for death

There bodies crave

That final breath

There eyes so full

With sadness and pain

In god they trust

I hope not in vain.

What is a Dad


John Paul Brooks

What is a Dad

This can be hard to define

He is there to love you

Also keep you in line

He takes you to football

The baths and pictures to

Buys you loads of presents

And praises the things you do

He says your such a clever boy

When homework is on time

Pulls faces behind your mothers back

Does stupid things with mime

Brags to all about you

Each moment of the day

Carry's you on his shoulders

Lets you go out to play

He shouts when you are naughty

Complains about your mess

Will take your mothers side

But not love you any less

This is what a father is

Sometimes he is a pain

But when you need a helping hand

He is there time and time again.

Little Child


John Paul Brooks

The little child

Just tottered round

No joyful play

Or uttered sound

His face no sign

Of joy or woe

Just round and round

The room he would go

No one to kiss

Or hand to hold

No cosy hugs

When it got cold

Life for him

Was oh so hard

No parents love

Or birthday cards

This room his world

Outside so strange

The darkness inside

Would never change

When inside they came

All white and clean

The light behind

So menacing and mean

There arms outstretched

So strange but warm

He knew right then

They meant no harm

From the corner he crawled

His body all bare

Arms held out wide

So much love to share

Through his short life

This was all he had seen

Now suddenly outside

He felt so alive and clean

This room he thought

Was all there could be

Now outside in the sun

The end no more missery.



John Paul Brooks

When we were young

Our expectations were small

A second hand bike

Or maybe a ball

No flights to the sun

Or a week on a boat

Just down the canal

On a plank we would float

No telly or videos

CD's or cassettes

Just a radio playing

And sweet cigarettes

As we grew

We would dream of afar

In place of a bike

A second hand car

No more hand me downs

Or cast off shoes

No pants with patches

Or soles that were glued

Our life now

Is so different from then

More things we have

I still wish I was ten.

Carmel And Kevin


John Paul Brooks

All are welcome

That enter here

Kevan and carmel

Wish you all

Good cheer

Wipe your feet

And be polite

Don't be noisy

Do not fight

In this house

Find peace and calm

No voices raised

Kid's meen no harm

Just happiness joy

From all around

Carmel singing

Such a lovely sound

Kevan working

like a man possessed

No time for relaxing

Not much rest

So when you leave

This home of ours

Be very careful

Don't hit our cars.

Hard Times


John Paul Brooks

When times are hard

And things look bad

The kids fed up

The wife so sad

Each knock upon the door

Brings fear

No noise incase

Outside they hear

When the kids are saying

I want I need

And you know

Deep inside

It's an impossible deed

Just think to yourself

It's not all so bad

Remember the good times

And forget the sad

Remember the love

You give and recieve

The kisses each morning

As they leave

Think to yourself

As you lie in your bed

These things are all gone

The moment your dead.

Left Alone


John Paul Brooks

I get out of bed

Knowing not what's in store

Each little sound

Hopping a knock on the door

At the window I stand and stare

The streets all empty

Side walks all bare

No one aproaches

No one in sight

And I pray to god

She will be alright

Into the kitchen

I slowly walk

No radio playing

No idle talk

Just things to remind me

Of the way we where

The day she left me

It all seems so unfair

She will return

I hope it's soon

It was such a rush

She was over the moon

Get the kids up

And of to school

Then clean the house

Just play it cool

Three days gone by

Lifes such a bore

Kids fed up

Fingers sore

Stuck at home

No time to rest

Cleaning cooking

I try my best

Why she left

Could not be helped

Having a baby

You need the rest.

Out Of Work


John Paul Brooks

I sit here wondering

What to say

My words exhausted

Througout the day

The kid's they ask me

What have I done

How's my day gone

Have I had fun

To this my reply

Is just the same

Been down the dole

Passed the day in vain

After working

All my life to date

I never thought

Of this my fate

It makes you think

What its all been for

Stuck on the dole

No use no more

I used to see them

Hanging round

Layabouts scum

There's work to be found

But now I find

I'm in there place

Being out of work

Is no discrace

It hurts you when

You truly know

At my time of life

No one wants to know.

Old Tommy


John Paul Brooks

Knock that wall down

Old Tommy said

Take the brick outside

Just mind your head

A bit of cement

And plaster up front

Then a touch of paint

He said with a grunt

After all that's done

We can have a brew

Call in the boss

And the foreman too

We stood there admiring

The job we had done

Then a voice from behind

The boss and his son

A job well done

Said with a sarcastic tone

Just one little problem

Your in the wrong home.



John Paul Brooks

Hungover It's such a drag

Getting out of bed

Head like jelly

Feet like lead

Tongue all furry

Mouth so dry

Every move

I wish I could die

Each little sound

Is like an earthquake

Every movement

A different ache

Stomach gurgling

Bowels unsure

Each thought in your head

Never again no more

A shower a shave

Maybe some toast and tea

Slowly recovering

More like the old me

Should I go for a curer

Maybe just one

See the lads in the pub

Then move on

Life feels so good

All over again

I'm only young

I can take the pain

Next morning I wake

Just one thought

In my head

Going on like this

I'll soon be dead.



John Paul Brooks

Love so deep

Deep down inside my heart

Like a knife

Tearing my insides apart

Feelings you have never known

Sometimes like being alone

Every breath is like

A breath of fresh air

Your whole body tingles

The moment she draws close

Oh so near

Each moment of the day

You make it last

Never let it fade away

Her aroma her smile

Her tender touch

Makes your heart ache

Oh so much

This love is like no other

Feelings you have felt

It changes people

Makes there hearts melt

A love like this

Is something to cherish

When you feel it

You will never let it perish.



John Paul Brooks

They say that love

Can be so blind

Sometimes your heart rules

And not your mind

Love can be misunderstood

It can turn out bad

But sometimes good

There are many forms

That it can take

Many ways it can be shown

A kiss,some flowers

Or maybe a cake

Love can kill

Extend life too

But sadly it happens

To but,a chosen few

Some people recieve it

But to show it they fear

To some it's a weakness

To shed a tear

As you grow older

With the one you love

It comes so easy

And fits like a glove

So to all those people

Finding love hard to show

Don't care who's watching

Just give it a go.



John Paul Brooks

No more can my life

Be the same

Shadows of the past

Make my head

Heavy with shame

Thoughts so deap ands dark

Voices from so far inside

These feelings no more

Can I hide

Visions of a time

So far away

Rekindled by my life today

No dreams or nightmares

Of the past

Can change the life

I lived so fast

Forgotten memories

Float through my head

No rest for me

In side my bed

Tomorrow may bring

A life thats new

Maybe chase away

These clouds so blue

If only God

Could make it so

In the final hours

My hearty would glow.



John Paul Brooks

Me Dad used to say

When he was a kid

Men were tough

Feelings well hid

To cry was a weakness

When not alone

And respect for your elders

A must in the home

We never had much

Was a phrase he would use

Just second hand clothes

And your brothers shoes

A fire was a godsend

On a cold winters night

A dripping butty

And a candle for light

You don't know

You're born

He would often say

Spoilt rotten

Not like in my day

No fancy cars

Or money to waste

You kids of today

Have it all on a plate

As Iv'e grown older

And wiser I hope

Iv'e begun to realise

Me dad was no dope

So dad if your watching

I would just like to say

These same words

Are used on my kids today.