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every emotion every tear everything
i ever had i put into you
so can you honestly look me in the
eyes and tell me that all this ment nothing to you
so many nights you were hurting
and i held you in my arms so many times i told you
i loved you and you said the same to me
never in my life have i felt this way before
i don't understand how you can leave me
how you can just walk out that door
do you care that by doing this your tearing me apart? do you care that by doing this were
tearing apart something that took years to start
you mean everything to me you are my heart
and soul without you in my life i lose total control
i guess it's my fault for putting so much into you
but is it wrong to love someone who you
think is ment for you is it wrong to become attached to a girl as beautiful as you_..
despite this pain dispite the heavy rain drops that smack against the window amongest my hurt and in my pain i'm not gonna cry
i'm not gonna let one solom tear reside in my eyes i'm not gonna let you see the pain that lies within my heart never again will i let
a girl like you tear my world apart___

That Day



I could never forget that day
clearly it openned a whole new way
when you spoke with your sweet voice to me
it changed the course of my destiny

I could never forget that day
neither of us had a word to say
then you placed your hand in mine
I learned to read between the lines

How could I ever explain this
or even dismiss this
these feelings i have for you
you came so fast I didn't have a clue

You are no longer a stranger to me
and you'll never disappear from my memory
and this I only have to say
I know I'll never forget that day!