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Myke Britt


Hendersonville, TN, US

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The Day The Lady Cried


Myke Britt

On that fateful Tuesday morning, as the smoke rose to the sky.
Lady Liberty seemed to bow her head, a teardrop in her eye.
Who could have imagined, that so many would have died.
For those who looked at her that day, swore The Lady cried.

She has stood with torch uplifted, for five score years and more.
As the huddled mass of people, have disembarked upon her shore.
Give me your tired, your poor, she's begged, for Lo, these many years.
With open arms she welcomed them, to rest from all their cares.

We have come from every corner of earth to this great land.
Seeking peace and opportunity and together we will stand.
We all love America, on this you can depend.
When we're attacked by those who hate, we're ready to defend.

Our features may not be the same, with different colored skin.
But, our diversity is a sign of strength, together we will win.
Those who would attack us and try to bring us down.
Fail to understand us or where our strength is found.

Our heroes came forward that day, too numerous to name.
Ordinary people, just regular folks, who'll now go down in fame.
From a field in Pennsylvania to New York City and D.C.
Their feats of courage are held up high for all the world to see.

The smoke still rises to the sky, as the work below goes on.
Millions of prayers are said each day, for families now alone.
Those who did these awful things, can try to run and hide.
But, we the people shall never forget, the day The Lady cried.