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Krystal Britt


Sulphur, OK, US

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Krystal Britt

Gently... Softly...
You cleanse my soul,
Preparing me for
Our life's work.

Tenderly you trace
The image of you
Into my memory,
Leaving no detail

And your voice...
A soothing melody,
Combined with your
Featherlike fingers,
Send tiny pinpricks
Of pleasure through me,
Putting the finishing
Touches on our art.

You kiss away the excess,
And step back to admire
Our life.

And there you are...
Indelibly stamped
Into my heart.

Forbidden Love


Krystal Britt

Deep in the heart of this tired soul,
lies a forbidden love;
It has a life of it's own you see,
a miserable existence filled
with hunger and need.
The hunger...from an overwhelming
passion that burns from within;
The need...for the hand this
heart belongs to.
It will justify itself,
time and again;
for the path that has been
chosen is good and secure.
But is it?
Nothing written and nothing
given is in stone...
Never was there a promise,
that wasn't made to be broken.

Second Chances


Krystal Britt

He came in a whisper so gentle and sweet, He said all the right things, Swept me right off my feet.
We danced and we laughed, He was like a dream come true, We talked endless hours,
He made everything so new. For me I knew I had found in him, A friend that was so true,
Who would stay until the very end, I don't know how but I just knew.
I was light as a feather, Each day felt so new, Then things changed like the weather,
I couldn't believe it was true. We spent the day talking, Then we said goodbye,
I don't know where I was walking, But I tried not to cry. I missed him so badly, It cut like a knife,
I had never felt anything, so real in my life. I wrote him a letter, and I poured out my heart.
Things might not get better, but I knew it was a start. And before I could mail it, he sent me a card,
He had wrote me a letter, he had poured out his heart. So now he comes back in a whisper,
And he sweeps me off my feet, we will laugh and we will dance,
And each day that I'm with him, I'll thank God for the second chance.

Perfect Love


Krystal Britt

In your eyes,
I see my dreams reflected,
In your smile,
I see a life worthwhile;
In your moves,
I see a close perfection;
And in your talk,
I hear a certain style.
In your touch,
I feel a deep desire;
And when you laugh,
You light my life with fire.
True love of my life,
My one and only destiny;
My heart is forever in your hands,
Precious love, take care of me.