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Fire Bridgewater


Westminster, MD, US

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(summer of 88)


Fire Bridgewater

a day like no other
a mist in the air
diamonds from the tips on the blades of grass
sparkling glows dehydrate into my shoes
this walk is the same walk as it was 11 years ago
i'm here feeling the breeze from the south, warming me
the grass drying, just the same, the field is here
the moon's overhead fading away into the afternoon
i feel the way i did
always have...
she's gone, not by my side...
that's what's different

i still see the curve of her smile
when i'd wake her in the morning
i remember her voice sweet in my ear a welcomed kiss to greet me.
a hand held while we journey into the day wandering around with each other and get lost
long into the afternoon
kissing under the willows... and skipping stones at the community pond.

the evening sun perched directly into our view we smell the chores of the neighborhood
fresh cut grass, a tilled gardens dirt.
the smell of blanching veggies from granmaw Roop from up the street.

i'd look at and smile for her kisses, she'd tell me her dreams and that i was to be a part
and get married, sew our seeds and have children at our feet.
grow old discuss our lives in whole at the very end when we're all accomplished and in our rockers
swaying on the porch holding hands and graying wisely and watch our grandchildren rollicking in the lawn
our epic is to be...
now i smile looking up into the sky puffy clouds an whisper her name.. thank her for the memories.