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Gail Feebie Brent


Alexandria, VA, US

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It's Not a Habit ... Yet


Gail Feebie Brent

You say you donít need it but want alcohol.
You say itís no big deal just want something hard to drink.
Not any form of liquid, it has to be ethanol,
Only the mixture that disrupts your ability to think.
One tried to comfort you but you withdrew;
Itís harder to solve problems, so you rather forget.
Out for the night parting, doing things you should not do.
Come morning, you have additional things you regret.
Intoxicated, then you argue, fuss and fight;
Yeah, you stayed home, but disrupted your house.
Noticing your disfiguring appearance, and think somethingís not right;
Could it be the physical harm you brought to your spouse?
Feeling bad, sorrowful, and being apologetic,
But you still have a bottle lying around here and there.
Yes, those around are still a little skeptic,
Knowing that when an issue arises, here starts the nightmare.
Time and time again youíve been told you have a problem,
You say you donít drink all the time and feel youíre not a threat.
Youíre a threat to yourself and your bottle, the phantom;
Maybe youíre right and itís not a habit__.. Yet.