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A moment before nothing...



My body drawn down
Weighted by a sickened spirit
Broken one too many times

Despairs arms beckoning
Promised relief
Eagerly I crawl through the shells of my dreams
Trampling their corpses further
To wallow in her cold embrace

Hugging my knees in comfort
I am safe in my cocoon
Sheltered by empty thoughts
Pleasantly numb to things that once mattered
I watch them now with deadened eyes

Wolves in human masks
Tug hungrily at my heart basket
Anxious to devour the contents

I ignore them

Disjointed faces
Croon of my failures
Laughing as I sit in the dust of my dreams

I ignore them

Sliding towards the darkness
My walls thicken against normality
Impenetrable comfort
Depression whispers softly
Until I hear nothing
See nothing
I am nothing.




Locked in an embrace
Limbs here and there
Moving in intimate rhythm

Fingers exploring coastlines
roaming peaks and valleys
mountains shifting against hard plains
in pleasurable tremors

hearts thumping
and their rhythm increases
steamy glances
foreheads meet in a salty kiss
as eyes lock
trembling lips inches apart
ragged breath hot
Passionate sheen adorns their skin

He turns her
A salty trickle slides down her nape
His tongue yearns to steal it
Pulling her against him
Molding hard contours to pliant softness

In a slow grind
They move together
Swaying in a lovers dance
Holding her to him
His heart beating against her back
hers against his arms
bound together
willing prisoners
to the sweet rhythm

Their dance ends
they release with reluctance
drifting off the dance floor
they move into the smoky shadows

With their moment of rhythm
still in faint linger
they search the room
looking for a new partner
before the next dance begins...

Whispered Goodbyes...



She sits in the midst of a field
budding green grass as far as the eye can see
a minature emerald forest
idly tickling the bottom of her soles...

Her eyes fill with familiar tears
blurring the progress of aimless clouds
as they glide gracefully across the sky
envious of their simplistic freedom
blanketing the endless blue in a fluffy cocoon unknowing of their destination...

Flowers with colorful crowns
sway in the gentle breeze
bowing to kiss the salt from her stained cheek
their petals smiling happily at the sun...

The beauty of the vision before her
leaves her breathless
and haunted by memories shared
disturbing in their freshness
yet delicious in their torment
She wants desperately to believe
in this illusion...and in him
praying for one peaceful moment
when her heart could beat again...

truth prevails
and love fades with destiny's every lie
she watches fate play his devastating hand
witness to the death of her dreams...

The oceans of jutting green blades yellow
they curl in upon themselves in a slow death
soon to become dust
upon winters first touch...

Clouds that once embraced by the sky
lie victim to the winds harsh kiss
fragile shells faltering
breaking apart
their desperate tears falling
lost upon the earth

Delicate flowered heads
once vivacious and exquisite
are drawn helplessly to the ground
Laying their dying heads against the grass
their short yet unforgettable performance
now done
brilliance exhausted
and silken petals browning
color disintegrating beneath her fingers...

She also fades
whispered goodbyes unheard
swept away along with her heart
and fate takes what is his...

Blinded eyes...



Early morning rainstorms
dampen sun fires tepid gaze
cloaked in gray the open sky grieves
crying gentle pattern drops
across autumn colored leaves...

I saw you
standing beneath my tree
scarce of shimmering gold and fiery crimsons
branches nearly bare of it's living cloak
lying at rooted feet as winter beckons...

Leaves fall in lazy spirals like carmel rain
"Come back to me" whispers kneel at your feet
carried upon the wings of desperate butterflies
only to be crushed beneath your retreating boots
my total destruction unseen by carefully blinded eyes...




Her eyes light upon her love
shining with the beauty of a new born star
the signs of their passion still evident
in her tossled hair and flushed cheeks
smile playing upon her reddened lips...

sleep dancing out of her reach
the evenings memories
so vivid and freshly evident upon
her ravished body
sweetly sated
throbbing with renewed desire...

pressing against him
his warmth a reality
wanting her body to be one with his
again and again
trailing fingers in soft chest curls
breathing him in
with kisses of awakening
shivering delights
at the aroma of him
upon her flesh...