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W. L. Bray


Dallas, TX, US

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Reason To Live


W. L. Bray

Part 1. A Daughterís Plea

Dark thoughts resounding in my head that I donít want to hear
They will not stop what eíer I try death is the keyword here
Nobody seems to understand the loneliness I feel
Confusion reigns within my soul dark thoughts my fate will seal

My mother screams and rants and raves she knows no other way
She doesnít know the pain inflicted festers day by day
Iím now her tool a working girl she uses at her whim
The only chore that I donít perform is to service him

Himís the boyfriend sheís now with surprise another one
Will this one beat her like the rest sometimes just for the fun
If he does, another move? Six times in just two years
No friends to help me bear the pain, to help me face my fears

Dark thoughts resounding in my mind why wonít they let me go
To seek the peace I so desire the love Iíll never know
Iím so afraid that I will find the courage that I crave
For at that point youíll surely find my body in a grave

Part 2. The Reply

Crisscrossed scars across the wrists
Scream out no one was there
To help this bright, but troubled mind,
Work through her deep despair.

Should I have known, looked through, beyond,
The silence that I met
To every question asked of her?
Is ignorance neglect?

"I havenít time" or "not today"
Was what Iíd always spout.
This hospice bed now holds the one
I can not live without.

Oh God! Dear God! What have I done?
Donít take my child from me.
Iíll reevaluate our lives,
Find ways to make her see

How much her life affects this world,
How much she has to give.
Perhaps with time, sheíll then perceive
A reason just to live.