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Bob Braund


Pittsburgh, PA, US

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Remain He Shall


Bob Braund

There comes a time when all shall die, when all is said and done.
There comes a time for every person, every place, every one.
If it falls which it will, as centuries have told,
That every place, every being, shall crumble when it is old.
There is but one which shall remain, for it has passed the tests of
The one which has been shackled to it's post, and held for all it's
For the shadow shall remain, cast in black across the ground.
And the shadow shall been claimed, by every rock, every tree, every
Remain he shall the shadow, all of his glory and might.
For never will he die, as long as there is light.



Bob Braund

I am a dreamer, wishful in thought,
Dreaming of islands and Indians I've fought.

Dreaming, in thought, I go to bed.
To act the night out in my head.

The luscious leaves linger in the forest so fair
As bees and bugs buzz about in my hair.
The shimmering water shouts and succumbs
To the flopping of fish and dragonfly hums.
The smaller trees sit so tall and sincere,
As giant trees cower and cry when they're near.
My clothes are all rags, ruined and soiled
The ground, full of grime, bubbled and boiled.
The sounds I do see, are sirens for the eyes,
Silent but deadly, and full of surprise.
Out from the bubbling, boiling ground,
They appeared and spread all around.
Arrows like toothpicks, bows like twigs,
Their numbers were many, their armies so big.
So small they were, I thought I'd laugh last,
So small indeed but very, very fast.
Tightly tied was I, before I could blink,
My clothes now their shelter, my blood now their drink.

Living I lie 'till the day I return.
Living I lie without a concern.

Living I lie 'till the sun doth break,
Until I return, alive, awake.



Bob Braund

When times are good we're in heaven.
When times are bad we're in hell.

When the rich help the poor,
And beggars beg no more,
We're in heaven.

When crime is high,
And the young die,
We're in hell.

When laughter roars,
And there are no wars,
We're in heaven.

But when wars begin,
And people sin,
We're in hell.

From the looks of things, we are losing.
From the looks of things, we're in hell.