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Lacey J Brannon


St. Louis, MO, US

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From the Ashes


Lacey J Brannon

‘Twas the night of the tragedy
and all through our Nation
not a person untouched
by the days horrific thrashing.

Many children were crying
for lost Mamas and Dads.
While husbands and wives
cried alone in their bed.

The Police and the Firemen,
many died on that day
while fighting to rescue
thousands injured and missing.

The beast beat his chest, gloating;
he had weakened the Eagle.
They thought we would crumble as the
buildings, that now lay in the rubble.

Then to the dismay of the beast they heard,
sounds coming from under the shambles.
It was the Eagle,
rising from under the ashes.

His great wings; how they glistened.
His eyes showed no fear.
And in the grip of his claws, he carried a flag.
It was "Old Glory" Red, White, and Blue.

Up from the ashes of the Pentagon came,
the ghosts of great men who had fought for this land.
There came Washington, Lincoln, Truman, Kennedy, and King.
All the Sons and Daughters who died for freedom to ring.

Awakened by the spirits, Americans; from near and far came
giving blood, sweat, and tears, they shared all they had.
They would bury their loved ones, mourn for their loss.
Then rebuild and take back, what was lost of our nation.

We cry out for justice, for the ones that lie silent.
"Death to the beast and to all of his warriors."
We will not be silent; we will not stand still,
In God, we will trust. May His justice prevail.

Elusive Love


Lacey J Brannon

Who are you looking for, oh love that does elude me?
Why do you hide from the one that waits to welcome you?
I have sought you in so many faces.
Only to find I was used in their quest for lust, and not love.
Are my caresses not gentle, my lips not full of passion?

I tire of this journey, this quest for true love.
Maybe I cannot find you because you do not exist.
You are a mirage in the desert mistook for my oasis.
A glass of dry sand mistook for a cool drink of water.
A cruel figment of my imagination.

In the beginning, I believed in you.
Then, I was an innocent.
Now the cold hand of distrust clutches my heart.
You and your evasiveness, you torment me.
I wish to turn my back on you, elusive love.

Then, there is always tomorrow.
Another corner to turn,
Another page of life to write.
Another dream to dream,
Oh, my elusive love, where will you be tonight?

The Ultimate Dance


Lacey J Brannon

The weather, it does not matter when your dancing
It may rain, snow, or be too hot to walk barefoot on the blacktop.
For my dance floor, It does not matter
All that matters is that the temperatures are rising inside tonight.

We talk awhile, deciding if we want to dance.
Not just any dance. The ultimate dance.
We come together, each hoping the other hears the same beat.
You take me in your arms . . .we do a half step and turn . . .
You lay me down. The ultimate dance has begun.

The dance; it starts slow and easy.
Your hands move, my hand slides,
Passion rises, legs entwine.
Our turns, graceful, as if on air.

Eyes meet; hearts beat as one,
We cling to each other.
The dance is done.

I Hate the Dark


Lacey J Brannon

As the sun rises in the east, I am filled with its heat and fiery passion.
The light of day warms my stiff, cold bones.
Like Samson, whose hair, while long and flowing, possessed the strength of ten.
Now the sun gives out its energy to me.
Nothing seems to great, that I can not conquer it.

I go through the day with eyes wide, drinking in all around me.
Busy searching always searching for something or someone to cling to.
For day will desert me, I know it will. It always does.

Slowly the sun begins its journey to the west.
My Delilah rises before me, stealing my strength.
I am overcome by darkness; it permeates every corner of my soul.
I am annoyed and bewildered by the shadows cast at every turn.
My only ally? A small clear oddly shaped piece of glass shinning in the dark.

I hate the night, and what it brings to me.
Night brings to an end the busy day covering me with a blanket of stillness.
It leaves only the sound of my heart, pounding in my ears.
I hate the night and what it brings to me.
For then, I concentrate only on what I do not have.
A hand to hold, a voice to call to.
I long for a pair of cold feet cuddling close to mine.
I hate the night and what it means to me.

The Long Goodbye


Lacey J Brannon

She cuts his hair, and feeds him lunch,
And sings to him the songs he loved.
Always looking for a sign
That he remembers anything.
Maybe he will even, remember her name.

Happy Birthday, Dad, she sings to him,
And reads his cards, sent by his friends.
But he just stares out into air,
To a place that he and she, can never share.
She cries for him.

The little girl inside her cries
For the dad she knew in years gone by.
The dad that made her world so safe,
And taught her about God’s amazing grace.
Where has he gone, she crys for him.

Just one more hug, Just one more pray.
Just say my name, I need to hear
Your voice filled with, the love I knew.
Where has he gone, She cries for him.

The hour comes; the time is near,
She holds his hand, death is so near.
She whispers; "Dad, we’ll be alright,
I know you’re tired. You can let go."

They sing a song, they say a pray.
That God will come, and take him there.
To heavens gates where he belongs
His wife and first born; they wait for him.

They say its best that he is gone,
She smiles and says; He is at rest.
And though she knows where He is now,
When she’s alone, she cries for them.

I'm Watching You


Lacey J Brannon

I'm watching you mama, and when I grow up I want to be just like you.
After all, who else can I learn from?
Who else will teach me what to wear, where to go, what to do.

Mama, what is that thing you smoke? It smells funny.
Mama, does that needle going in your arm hurt?
It scares me, but if you do it, it must be okay, so I will too.
Because mama, I'm watching you.
And when I grow up I want to be just like you, mama. Just like you.

Mama, you and your friends have such a good time.
I guess it's because you drink all that beer and wine.
But you don't seem to be very happy the next day when I want to play.
Sure mommy, it's ok we can play another day.

Mom, I'm fifteen; I got my own friends now.
And we party and have a good time just like you.
Why does it matter when I'll be home?
Don't worry,I won't do anything that you wouldn't do.
Because Mom, I'm just like you now, just like you.



Lacey J Brannon

I run a race I can not win
for death will find me in the end.
So many words I 've yet to write
to form my poetry of life.
The stories ripe with in my head
never to be told, never to be read.
For death will find me in the end,
I run a race I can not win.

The Familiar Stranger


Lacey J Brannon

Sometimes I see him looking at me,
Or is he?
Could it be he knows me from another time?
A time more kinder to him and me.
Does he remember the way I made him laugh?
Or has he forgotten that . . . along with
what he had for breakfast?

I feel such sadness . . . or is it loss?
Loss of the familiar, tolerant, loving father.

Am I an orphan? To whom do I belong?

Sometimes I know him,this familiar stranger,
who to me was a tower of strength and wisdom.
He now sits silently like a vacant home,
Where only the whispers of memories tarry in the halls.

He leans toward me and turns his cheek upward
for a kiss good-bye,and savoring this moment, I
realize . . . we are not strangers.

Looking Up To You


Lacey J Brannon

I wish for just a little while I could be the older one.
So you could know the pride and love of being the younger one.
For having a big sister, is a special gift some are given.
It's like having another Mother, or an extra special friend.

I would like to let you know how it feels to be able to lean on you.
The warmth and love you give to me when times are sad and blue.
It's grabbing the phone to share with you about a special joy.
Or calling out of loneness just to hear you say hello.

I'd love to share my memories I have tucked within my mind.
Every special or silly time we shared. . .Yes, I remember them all.
From crying at your wedding because on your honeymoon, I couldn't go.
The fishing trips, the shopping sprees,and watching our children grow.

I'd love to let you see all this,there is more than I have said.
To see your strength and character,as seen through your sister's eyes.

I guess it makes me selfish,trading places would not do.
I would never give up the place I hold. . .
Looking up to you.

In You


Lacey J Brannon

Warmth, gentleness and strength.
Protected from all the bad.
Desired, cherished and loved,
I find all this and more in your arms.

Tenderness, humor, and understanding,
Unconditional acceptance, and trust.
Desired, cherished and loved,
I find all this and more in your eyes.

In your voice, I hear my name,
as it has never sound before.
Desired, cherished and loved,
I hear all this and more in your voice.

And when you call to me, and look at me,
and hold me close against you.
Desired, cherished, and loved,
I find all this and more in you.