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Fire dances from the strings of sound as I am captured into the world of dance;
flowing embers of passion we share in our eyes while you play my heart like the strings of you fiddle;
round and round my heart goes into your heart I hope.
captured passion and loving caresses I fall in love with your music once again;
can you see me standing over there out of the light that circles you in its warmth;
my body aches to be near your side can you hear its beat when you near my side?
My fiddler you have one my heart by playing its stings so delicately;
In silence I remember those loving days and nights where we sat on the bench by the tree where my heart was once set free.
Now you have gone on and continued your travels and I wait in the memories of what will be,
Come back and play your fiddle so my heart can once more dance in the light that warms your gentle touch.