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Dwight Brandon


Houston, TX, US

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My Child...


Dwight Brandon

How sweet the words sound
As they fall from ones lips
Not to have time to understand
The shortness which comes into play
When one begins to speak the two words...
My Child...

How could the one called Father
Be so unkind
Is it simply that life has forsaken
This love this life brought into this home
Given by the one we called from birth...
My child...

How could life hold such unpleasantries
Feelings which many have shared
Even now...when all have shared the same
Have brought forth no answers
Only more we have of...
My child...

How could others know the feelings
Which flows at rapid speeds
Through ones every thought
With only the light to guide us
Only the memories of the beginning of...
My child...

How could one continue to live life
When life has been ripped from within
Leaving only a shell whose spirit has risen
Memories...nothing more than dreams of...
My child...