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Amaynda L. Brainerd


Bradford, VT, US

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Amaynda L. Brainerd

Entering the building, I smell only fear.
The rank of medication clogs my throat.
I look to his bedside and see him breathing
To realize it's only the oxygen pump.

The sight of this tiny man, barely moving
Is more than I can bear
I wonder if he is as scared as me?
But knowing would only make me sad.

I see his eyes flutter open
Jump to his bedside
Looking for some sort of "sign"
Seeing only emptiness

I wait and wait...
For him to speak
But as the clock ticms
I sense defeat.

As my tears fall
I wish that I had remembered
To say something more
To express my affection.

And now all that's left
Is a dark room and bed
The memories of that man
Who I loved so much

The hot cocoa he made
The cookies we ate
The stories he told
Are all so special to me

I feel so lonely now
And I'm sure he does too
But now I know
He won't hurt anymore

Now I have only memories
Great thoughts of him
And I'll always think of being together
Until we are again.