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Ryan Harder


Saskatoon, SK, CA

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New Year's Wish


Ryan Harder

I got nothing to show for everything I've done
I got no friends who think of me at all
I got a lot of anger and sadness built up
I got no personal side, It got washed away
When I got hurt one too many times
So rather then keep on trying to make things work
I just choose to build a wall away from the world

Sometimes I wonder of how things would be
If I actually did have friends who did think of me
Friends who would take me out and have a blast with
Or even go out, have a laugh with when I need it most
But it is something I can only dream about
Because there is no one who I can really trust

As the clock strikes twelve on December 31st
And the day turns into January 1st
I just sit back and re-evaluate my life
I only think of what I should have done
I'm gonna turn twenty-one in June
And it seems that everything is just a missing piece

I do not think that I'm at fault
For the way I get treated by the other folks
There are so many hopes which turn out to be so many lies
People who I think are my friends
Turn out to be people who just want to lead me on

I never thought 20 would be such a bitch
But then again 2002 was very rough
I wish that 2003 could only be
A rebound year for me cause I'm too down
I wish to break these walls I built
But I cannot do it alone

I know that I am not down as you think I am
I'm just insecure about certain things
Maybe I care too much of how others
Think of me and I'm scaring myself
But there's nothing left for me to do
All I can hope is that the sun shines down on me again

My Type Of Girl


Ryan Harder

I could remember the day I met you
It was on a warm August summer night
I remember you came in all clumsy like
And though I never got much time to know you
Because fate had other plans to separate
But only for us to reunite three months down the road
And it was the best thing that we ever done

Cause I remember that night back in November
We met again, and I took the time to know you
As we walked along the riverbank park
Then here we are two nights later in a bar
As our best friends are telling us to go after
One another, and here I make my big move
When I asked you to be my new girlfriend

The more time I managed to spend with you
I managed to know how much you were like me
And it came to become a total surprise
Because you came in with a lot of grace and
Patience to put up with a guy like me
And I remember when you told me
The night we went to dinner that you
Knew I wasn't going to let you down
And I guess you happened to be right
Like the day I got a rose delivered to your door
And it caught you by surprise

I remember that cold December night
When you said that you had to break it off
Because of a guy in your past who returned
To bite you in the ass and spin you upside down
And now when I look into your glacier blue eyes
It seems like all the pride and joy has been washed away
And all you need to do is get up and fight another day

Though I know that right now is not your time
Cause you need to heal your wounds before
The past continues to get back at you
And I know that right now you're making
The same mistakes I did long before I ever met you
And it hurts me to watch as you do it to yourself

I think you know by now how much I like you
And how I hope that you give me another chance
Because I know that we got all the tools to make
Everything work out but we got involved too soon
And I hope that we can reunite again for the third time
Because the third time is always known to be the charm
Just like I know you are the type of girl I've been
Looking for my entire life

Angel In Disguise


Ryan Harder

There's a girl who I know
Who is like no other I've met before
She has the face of an angel
And the crystal blue eyes
That I've never seen before
We always say hello and talk
About how things are going in
Both our lives right now
She and I are very compatible in many aspects
Since the night we met back in November
When she lit up the room the second she walked in
With that angelic charm she has or the way
How she can be on the same field as me
No matter what the cost
Because we'll be friends
From now until eternity